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attention of sticker label printing Sticker Label Printing Factory Printing Attention
May 10, 2018

First, the file format

  Most of the regional trademark printing factories use RIP (pspnt) output system like the HQ510, Heidelberg, etc., as the photo output system, and they all support PostScript description files, ie, suffix PS files. Other file formats, which can be directly exported by RIP, are widely used design software such as PDF, and currently there are TTF: Photoshop, PageMaker, CorelDraw, Illustrator, etc. All can generate a PS via postscript with a printer or PDF file. The word, WPS2000 and other word processing software can also be postscripted with the printer's PS file. In fact, the prepress output should be adjusted by adding register lines, line cutting, etc. However, Word, WPS2000 is not able to function. Color script, it will bring great difficulties, after the post-production processing script is completed. Therefore, select PageMaker and a series of professional design layout software.

Second, the image color

  For overprinting, printing, laps, blanks, spot colors and other terms, see related printing knowledge. Here we only talk about some common knowledge.

  1, empty

  When there is a blue word on the yellow substrate line, the position of the blue word should be above the yellow color, otherwise the board must be emptied. If you print directly on yellow, the blue word will turn green.

  2, a circle of printing

  When there is an embossed black on a red substrate, it must not be hollowed out. Because black can cover any other color, white printed content, if there is any error in the case of empty black content, especially for some tiny words. Printed content can be easily spotted because white and black contrast with each other.

  3, four color black

  This is a common problem. Before outputting, you must check if only the files published on the small blackboard, especially small ones, appear. They must not be present in plates with other colors, otherwise, the quality of the finished product will be affected. The RGB digits that will definitely turn into four-color black are converted to CMYK digits, which should be resolved before specifying the output film.

Third, die cutting attention

  Self-adhesive lithography is mostly flat and flat off-line die-cutting. Usually after the completion of die-cutting, another manual waste or the entire multi-panel layout will not be discharged and will be directly processed by the customer. Therefore, with the single work, should check the die-cutting tangent fracture phenomenon, whether there is continuous or uneven tangent cuts produced by the phenomenon of non-smooth. When the die cut line of the sticker is burr, the installation of the die cutter should be adjusted to show that there is a phenomenon of different depths of the knife position, which results in the pressure of the knife is very large or small, so some places are cut off and some are not cut. Unlinked places are linked. When die-cutting the knife-edge defect, local interlocking can also occur.

Fourth, printing speed and pressure

  In the process of label trademark printing, it is necessary to make the graphic on the printing plate coated with ink clearly transfer to the surface of the substrate. Must have enough printing pressure. However, the applied printing pressure should not be too large. Excessive printing pressure will cause the substrate to continue to be deformed, the prints become thicker, and the dots will be graded and pasted, affecting the clarity of the graphic and text. At the same time, the printing plate should be printed in a printing cycle. Successively with the water roller, ink roller and rubber roller in contact with the roller. Obviously, the increase in printing speed will give a large impact on the printing plate, thereby accelerating the plate wear, resulting in local loss of the network. When the printing pressure is insufficient, there is no sufficient reliable contact between the printing plate and the blanket, and the printing becomes lighter, which affects the clarity of the graphic.

  As the printing speed increases, the blotting ink becomes lighter. At first, it was thought that the printing speed increased and the printing pressure decreased. This was not the case. Because when the printing speed increases, the imprinting time decreases, and the pressure time on the print surface decreases, the amount of ink transferred to the surface of the substrate also decreases, and the density decreases. As a result, the blotting ink becomes lighter. In the actual trademark printing factory production, in order to make up for this defect, a method of increasing the printing pressure is often used.

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