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Color box printing plant to enhance competitiveness from the beginning of India
- Apr 03, 2018 -

   As we all know, the traditional prepress process requires professional technicians to conceive and design the original content, the completion of the corresponding design tasks, and then through imagesetter and electronic color separations machine to get the text Seihan film and image Plate film, and then by the imposition of personnel in accordance with specifications and requirements, cut, mask and collage, the text, Image combination in a piece of the same specifications of the different color version of the make-up film, and finally proofing, inspection. Once you find the error, you need to fix it, make a new film, carefully replace the wrong area on the make-up film, repeat it until you are satisfied, and then use it to make a printing plate.

   The process is complex and error prone. As the saying goes, "Three-point printing, seven-point prepress" for this, Xiang Li Shenzhen color box printing Factory has a professional prepress system, the factory has a technical precision of the design, Seihan, printing and professional color management team, equipped with advanced design software and output and equipment.

   Whether from the sample production or to the order of mass production, can be fast and stable to meet the product from the screen graphic and structural design to high-quality color reproduction of personalized needs. In the prepress link, the final printing products of the quality of the larger impact on the prepress editing, imposition and Seihan these aspects. Now, digital prepress is constantly changing the entire printing industry, prepress editing can be done through prepress software, so that the prepress work to achieve automation, not only speed up the progress, but also reduce the error rate and the need for operator intervention, not only the workers from the complicated process out, reducing the prepress personnel, Reduced labor costs, and printing quality has also improved.

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