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cut costs How can a trademark printing company reduce the cost of gravure printing ink? Did you know these three points?
Apr 20, 2018

Although the proportion of ink in the printing cost is not great, color page printing has never given up its efforts to reduce the cost of ink. In general, there are two ways to reduce the cost of printing inks: one is to reduce the cost of use; the other is to reduce the cost of procurement.

First, improve the ink coloring

The trademark printing factory hopes that the ink production plant can continuously improve the coloring of the ink. It is hoped that more jobs will be printed with a fixed amount of ink or a minimum amount of ink will be used for a fixed amount of work to reduce the printing cost. Because, the amount of ink is closely related to the coloring of the ink. In the case of a certain amount of ink, the higher the ink colorability, the more jobs printed and the greater the profit.

Second, reduce the use of additives or use supporting additives

On the one hand, it is desirable that the inks used can be used directly during printing, without the need for adding or little additives, and only need to use solvents to adjust the viscosity of the ink. The addition of additives has many disadvantages, including increasing the printing cost, increasing the preparation time before printing, wasting manpower, influencing the stability of ink properties, and causing problems for post-press processing.

On the other hand, it requires that the additives have certain relevance, and the additives must be matched with the ink, and the effect is significant and easy to use.

Third, improve the ink's adaptability to high-speed printing

Nowadays, the printing speed of the soft package industry is getting faster and faster, which is in line with future trends. Because the increase in the speed of the press will reduce operating costs and improve efficiency. Therefore, Shenzhen Printing hopes that plastic gravure printing inks that can adapt to higher printing speeds will become more mature and better cooperate with printing.

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