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Development trend of digital printing technology equipment in China's color box printing factory
- Apr 03, 2018 -

With the development and application of digital printing technology, in today's marketing era, advertising, color box printing factory packaging industry has more, higher requirements, and to meet this demand is the main way to finish the printed matter, through modification and decoration, improve the grade of printing products.

Many traditional prepress processing technology and equipment also difficult to meet the digital print after the road processing, further packaging production, especially in the face of small batch on-demand printing business, the digital print semi-finished products, modeling, finishing, binding, landscaping, packaging, as well as the overall or the surface of the protective treatment has been the actual application of more common prepress processing. In the face of the strong demand of the prepress processing market, prepress equipment suppliers to the technical innovation and equipment improvement enthusiasm is also rising. Relative to the traditional drama, high-speed, complex prepress equipment, at present, with digital prepress equipment, digital printing of prepress processing equipment in the digital network, control automation, functional integration, configuration diversification is also constantly adjusting to adapt to the digital printing on demand, personality, flexible and diverse prepress processing needs, Compared with the large prepress equipment, the gold map of small office printing equipment, suitable for digital fast printing business of small prepress equipment, to meet the characteristics of digital printing and on-demand printing requirements, improve the flexibility of prepress processing, Quintoyin binding equipment, can achieve a variety of specifications, ruler only, binding style of the real on-demand binding, by the graphic shop, Digital Fast Printing Center, copy room, photo photo and other business enterprises of all ages.

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