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Environmental policy holds the lifeblood of printing enterprises
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Green printing is not unfamiliar to us, since 2010, Green printing first in the field of textbook printing, the 2011 country began to advocate green printing, but many printing enterprises did not act, just quietly watching. Xiang Lee Shenzhen Printing plant has passed the International Environmental Management System certification, international Quality Management System certification, National occupational health and Safety management system certification.

To ensure that green printing, the implementation of national policy level, "Thirteen-Five" plan outline. The policy content clearly pointed out that the reform main pollutant total quantity control system, expands the pollutant total quantity control scope.

In key areas, key industries to promote the total amount of volatile organic emissions control, the national total emissions fell more than 10%, packaging and printing industry is included in key industries.

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