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Factors affecting print quality The main factors affecting the printing quality of the box printing factory
May 05, 2018

Only by standardizing the materials, printing machines, and printing machines can the color box printing plant be able to talk about the stable control of the printing quality, because this is the basis for ensuring product quality.

1, the quality of the original;

2. The factors of electricity distribution, scanning and plate making;

3, printing equipment accuracy, printing rules, printing pressure and the relationship between ink and water factors;

4, paper factors; paper ink absorption, whiteness, smoothness, gloss

5, the ink factor; From the ink point of view, the print quality depends mainly on the viscosity, dryness.

6. The factors of the printing environment, if the room temperature of the printing shop changes greatly, the flow state of the ink will change. The temperature and temperature of the general production workshop are controlled at a temperature of (23±5) degrees Celsius and a humidity of 60%±5%. In addition, when using ink in winter, warm up in advance to increase the fluidity of the ink.

7. The technical quality factors of printing operators;

8, post-processing process factors, including cutting, binding, lamination, lamination, forming and other process factors.


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