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hanging dirty and ink frequently asked questions Label Trademark Printing Factory Printing Hanging Dirty and Ink Frequently Asked Questions
May 11, 2018

Printing hangs dirty

  In the printing process of a trademark printing factory, there are often some inconspicuous phenomenon of dirt hanging. The following is an analysis of this problem.

  1 fixed hanging dirty

  This is mainly due to dirt on the surface of the printing plate or the upward curl of the edge of the printing plate, which shows that there are dirty spots at the fixed position of the printed graphic. If it is caused by a plate curl, the graphic part has a line, the color of which is the same as the printed color of the tilted plate, and the cleaning of the layout or the portion where the edge of the plate is lifted can be solved as it is.

  2. Not fixed dirty

  This situation is mainly due to dirty or crusty wounds on the plate roller. The solution is to carefully inspect and replace the hard roller or clean the dirt on the plate roller.

  3. Cockroaches cause a similar phenomenon

  In the process of paper feeding, when the paper reaches the edge of the UV lamp, or if there is a foreign matter in the paper platen of the machine, the surface of the paper may be scratched. When the ink is printed on it, a similar effect may be caused. In particular, when a relatively thick film-type sticker is printed, the material is deformed by heat due to exposure to a UV lamp, and this phenomenon is more likely to occur. In this regard, careful observation should be made to find out where the paper is being picked up, and to remove the dirt by adjusting the angle of the UV lamp or cleaning the platen roller.

  4. Large amount of ink causes dirty or dead

  Letterpress printing is an anhydrous printing method. When the amount of ink is large, it is very easy to cause dirty or dead parts of graphic parts. In addition,

  The ink is too thin and it is easy to paste and cause the graphic part to stick. The solution is to minimize the amount of ink or increase the viscosity of the ink according to the requirements of the job.

   There are many reasons why the ink does not dry out, mainly reflecting the following aspects:

  1. Too much ink supply

  Ink supply is too large, resulting in too thick ink layer, UV light can not dry dry ink, this phenomenon occurs mainly in the printing of live work. When this happens, the amount of ink can be reduced as much as possible without affecting the print quality. If you can not achieve good results, you can consider moving the field to the first few groups of printing unit printing, so that after a number of UV lamp baking, the failure will be reduced.

  2. UV lamp power is not enough

  UV lamp aging or other causes UV lamp power is not enough, it will lead to ink quit. In this regard, the power of the UV lamp is adjusted to the maximum level, and if it does not, it is solved by changing the UV lamp.

  3. Printing speed is too fast

  Excessive printing speed in a trademark printing plant can cause UV lamps to dry out. This can be solved by replacing the printing unit or reducing the printing speed. When printing live jobs, the printing speed should be kept at about 20 meters/minute.


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