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knowledge printing In addition to printing custom designs for packaging boxes, we also need to understand these printing knowledge
Apr 20, 2018

First, what is the image resolution and why is it emphasized?

A high-resolution image contains more pixels than a low-resolution image of the same size, and has more image information and more detailed representation. This is one of the reasons why the image resolution is determined by considering output factors. If an image is displayed on the screen, the resolution is 72 pixels/inch; if it is used for a 600 Dpi printer output, it needs an image resolution of 150 pixels/inch; for printing, it needs 300 pixels. /inch high resolution. The image resolution setting should be appropriate: if the resolution is too high, the running speed is slow and the occupied disk space is large; if the resolution is too low, the expression of the image details is affected and the corresponding quality requirements cannot be achieved.

Second, what is the process color?

The printing color is a color that is composed of different percentages of C (cyan), M (magenta), Y (yellow), and K (black), so it is more reasonable to call it a mixed color. C, M, Y, and K are the commonly used printing four primary colors. At the time of printing, these four colors have their own color plates, and the dots of this color are recorded on the color plate, and the four color plates are combined to form the defined primary colors. In fact, the four printing color dots on the paper are separated, but they are very close together. Since our eyes have limited resolution, we cannot distinguish them. The visual impression we get is the mixing effect of various colors, and thus produces a variety of different primary colors. Y, M, and C can synthesize almost all colors, but black is also needed because the black produced by Y, M, and C is impure, and pure black is required at the time of printing. The electronic file used for printing must be a four-color file (ie, C, M, Y, K). The file in the RGB color mode cannot be used for print output.

Third, the packaging printing custom printing process is what?

The pre-printing work generally refers to photography, design, production, typesetting, filming, etc.; printing mid-term work, printed products are printed out through printing machines. The film (film) cannot be used directly for printing. The color plate used for printing is generally called a PS plate and is an aluminum metal plate with a film coated on one side. When printing, the place where the film is on the color plate will absorb the ink. With the density of the film, the amount of absorbed ink is not the same, so there will be a difference in the depth of color. In the printing press, the color of the four color plates C, M, Y, and K is used to print, and various colors come out. The late printing work generally refers to the post-processing of printed materials including cutting, laminating, die-cutting, binding, and mounting, and is mostly used for publicity and packaging.


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