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paper selection technology Shenzhen printing baking brewed into tea packaging and printing paper selection technology
May 14, 2018

What are the points of printing paper selection technology? Let's learn more about it.

1. Meet customer requirements


The products produced by Shenzhen printing and paper packaging companies must first meet the requirements of customers. This is not only the highest factor but also the highest prerequisite. Otherwise, other aspects (such as low costs and high profits) cannot be realized.


2. Medium paper quality


Printing paper packaging companies in Shenzhen are the key to ensuring product quality. Under the premise of minimizing the cost of paper, that is, the physical indicators of the paper will reach the quality of the product and the degree of assurance (ie, reaching the critical point, so that it will not be a product quality issue, also No paper is wasted. Once the physical index of the paper falls below this threshold, the overall cost of the product will not only decrease but also increase. This is because when the physical index of the paper is lower than the critical point, the physical index of the paper is lower and the product is qualified The lower the rate, the higher the overall cost of the product, and this part of the cost increase is mainly due to a series of losses caused by the product quality, such as return, rework, redo, order loss and so on.


3. Large-scale operation of high-speed automation equipment


When selecting paper, it should be ensured that it is suitable for large-scale operation of high-speed automation equipment, so that the quality process of each semi-finished product can be carried out smoothly, and the total production capacity of the product can be significantly improved.

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