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print perfect Tag printing manufacturers how to make the color of print more perfect
Apr 27, 2018

Tag printers need to carefully analyze the hue of the original before printing on flexible packaging. This article will introduce the analysis of the original hue from the two aspects of why it is necessary to analyze the hue of the original and analyze the hue of the original.

Why analyze the hue of the original?

It is assumed that the green ink is formulated with the blue ink and the yellow ink. If the blue ink has a red phase, or the yellow ink has a red phase, the green color obtained by the mixing will be dark. Because this is actually equal to the addition of magenta ink to the blue and yellow inks, and even if there is little magenta in this part, the same amount of cyan and yellow should be mixed into black by the principles of subtractive colorants (yellow+cyan+magenta). = Black). When a small amount of black is added to the green, its color is of course darkened, and the brightness and saturation are also greatly reduced. Therefore, if you want to use color when printing, you have to analyze the hue of the original.

Analyze the hue of the original

When analyzing manuscripts, the color of the manuscript and the ink used are mainly analyzed. The principle is that the primary color is the basic color of all inks. No matter how complicated the color is, no matter how it changes, the range of the three primary colors will not exceed the range. .

In analyzing the manuscript, it is necessary to make it clear as far as possible whether the manuscript is based on network printing or on-site printing. If the network printing is the main method, the ink should be focused on the same background color; if the field printing is the main, the distribution can be focused on the same facial color; if the two are combined, then the color and the color of the ink distribution It is necessary to co-ordinate.

After analyzing the color draft, we must analyze the color of the ink used, that is, regarding any kind of ink, we must be good at seeing the color components in between. For example: for yellow ink, to be good at distinguishing it is with a red phase is still with a blue phase (or with a green phase); on the magenta ink, longer than to identify it with a yellow phase is still with a blue phase (or purple phase); Regarding blue ink, it takes longer than distinguishing whether it is the red phase or the green phase (or the yellow phase).

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