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Printing factory on green printing
Apr 03, 2018

  The theme of green printing contains two core connotations of "environmental friendliness" and "health benefits", emphasizing the existence and development of the next generation while taking into account contemporary people. 

  With the combination of the long-term interests of the enterprise and the benefit of the country, the environmental benefit is in line with the economic benefits in order to achieve the goal of environmental protection and market economy. Green printing not only shows the concept of sustainable development, people-oriented, advanced technology level, but also the completion of energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon economy is an important means.

  Shenzhen printing plant green printing industry chain mainly contains green printing materials, graphic design, green plate-making process, green printing technology, Green prepress processing technology, environmental-friendly printing equipment, print waste recycling and regeneration.

Through the implementation of green printing, it can make the whole supply chain system including printing material, processing, application and consumption into benign cycle state.

  Green printing refers to the use of environmental protection materials and processes, printing process in the production of less pollution, saving resources and energy, printed matter easily recycled after recycling, natural degradation, small impact on the ecological environment of the printing method. Green printing requires coordination with the environment, including the application of environmentally friendly printing materials, clean printing process, the safety of printed matter and the recovery and recycling of printed matter, that is, print from raw material selection, production, use, recycling and so on the entire life cycle should be in line with environmental requirements.

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