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Printing paper selection techniques
- Apr 03, 2018 -

1. Meet Customer requirements

    Paper packaging enterprises to produce products first of all must meet customer requirements, this is not only the top factor, but also the top premise, otherwise other aspects (such as the cost of small, profit Dahua, etc.) can not be achieved.

2. Moderate paper quality 

Paper Packaging Enterprise paper is the key to ensure product quality under the premise of minimizing paper costs, that is, the physical indicators of the paper to achieve the quality of the product to ensure that the degree (that is, to reach a critical point), so that neither product quality problems, nor waste of paper. Once the physical index of the paper is below this threshold, the overall cost of the product will not only decrease but increase. This is because when the physical index of the paper is below the critical point, the lower the physical index of the paper, the lower the qualified rate of the product, the higher the overall cost of the product.

   And the rise of this part of the cost is mainly due to the quality of products caused by a series of losses, such as returns, rework, redo, order loss and so on.

    3. Suitable high speed automation equipment's large-scale operation 

In the selection of paper should ensure that it is suitable for high-speed automation equipment large-scale operation, so that each process of semi-finished products quality can be smoothly qualified, the total production power of the product can be definitely improved.

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