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UV offset printing materials what are the needs Guangzhou Printing House Greeting Card UV offset printing materials what are the needs?
May 08, 2018

Let's take a look at the need for uv offset printing materials to make printing easier.

1.uv ink

UV inks are light-cured, water-absorbing inks, as many cards require lamination and their function is especially important. There are two points: First, high temperature, high pressure, high temperature and pressure does not change color, do not fade; Second, the plastic film and plastic film binding force between the large scale, the minimum size required to reach 6N tension. In addition, UV inks used for card printing are also a hub. In addition to guaranteeing the quality index of the ink itself, it must also match the wavelength of the UV lamp of the printer. Since many manufacturers use color ink jets as originals, it is recommended to select yellow, magenta and cyan inks when selecting inks. In addition, low-viscosity, high-activity inks should be selected for spot color inks. European Ake ink is better.

2.pvc and other materials

Pvc and other sheets have bright matte surface, smoother light surface, rougher subsurface, and the choice of printing surface is very important, which can avoid many printing quality problems. The matt surface of pvc and other sheets is usually used as a printing surface to ensure that the printing does not pull hair, network node knots, strong adhesion between the ink and the material, full ink, small white spots are not exposed.

3. Auxiliary materials

Uv offset printing used car wash, blanket cleaning agent. The cleaning solution is best used for special products, which for the uv ink roller. The life and function of uv blankets and uv plates are particularly important. Although the cost is high, it can be flexibly applied according to actual conditions. Ensure that the ink roller is cleaned once a week. When it is stopped, use a special cleaning agent to clean the blanket to ensure the elasticity of the rubber cloth, ensure the color balance when the machine is turned on again, and avoid color aberration.

4. Special printing plate

Uv offset printing plate wear-resistant, resistant to print. Older versions do not require protective glue during downtime, and older versions can be used again. Ideal for transfer of uv inks. The reproduction rate is high when printing. It can basically reach 2% of outlets without losing, and 98% of outlets can be distinguished. At present, Fuji Xerox Edition is of better quality. Considering the printing cost, the text version can be properly used for short runs of small batches. However, the film is easily worn out, and more attention must be paid to printing.

5. Blanket and liner

In order to ensure the best transmission and dot reproducibility of uv ink, it is best to use air-cushion rubber cloth. Because it has good acid resistance, oil resistance, hydrophobicity, and good ink transfer function, it can ensure that the dots in the printing process are small, the printed images are clear, the high-profile reproducibility is good, and the printing loss is small.

Through these requirements, Guangzhou Printing Factory believes that everyone has a certain degree of understanding, familiar with these requirements, I believe that uv offset printing will be more and more simple to use.

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