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UV printing Local UV glazing process of post-printing process in box printing factory
Apr 20, 2018

In accordance with the need for polishing products, Folding Printing Factory applies local coating on the prominent parts of trademarks and packaging prints. The coating pattern is bright, bright and strong in three-dimensional appearance compared with the surrounding patterns, and can produce unique artistic effects. . So it is very popular with Chinese and foreign investors.

UV glazing is a term in the printing industry. It mainly refers to the post-processing of printed materials. The printed matter looks like it is attached to a layer of "oil". So it is commonly called "over-oil" and it is not meant to be fried.

UV coating is ultraviolet light coating. It is a special UV coating agent used for precise and evenly applied to the print performance or local area, after ultraviolet irradiation, drying and hardening at a very fast speed, used for packaging \ cover, also known as: grinding Bright on the light.

After UV polishing, the surface of the material is bright, but it is relatively brittle and it is prone to cracks!

The quality is very good and it can be applied to the film. General export products are not allowed to be coated, so UV coating is a very suitable treatment.

Partial UV coating is one of the finishing techniques for printed surfaces. It is named for the selective glazing of printed graphics using UV Varnish with high brightness, transparency and abrasion resistance. While highlighting the theme of the layout, the surface decoration effect of printed products has also been improved. Partial UV is mainly applied to the cover of books and magazines and the post-press finishing of packaging products in order to achieve the purpose of making the printed products icing on the cake.


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