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wetting system The basic composition of the wetting system for gift packaging box printing plants
May 18, 2018

Folding printers use lithographic imprinting to make use of the principle of immiscible oil and water. Therefore, lithographic printing requires not only the delivery of ink to the printing plate, but also the transfer of wetting fluid to the printing plate. The latter system is called the wetting system. . The task of the wetting system is to create a proper, uniform, break-free water film during the printing process and transfer it to the surface of the blank part of the printing plate.

      The basic composition of the wetting system of the box printing factory

      The traditional lithographic printing machine wetting system is mainly composed of three parts: water supply, uniform water, and water. However, at present, some new type of printing machine wetting systems do not have a uniform portion.

1, water supply

      The function of the water supply part is to quantitatively transfer the wetting fluid in the bucket to the homogenizer. Some lithographic printers in the water supply section also have automatic water injectors that control the amount of wetting fluid in the bucket.

2, uniform part

      In the box printing factory, the water layer from the water supply system is thick and uneven, and the uniform water part is used to extend the wetting liquid from the water supply system into a thin and even water film, which is then delivered to the water mechanism.

3, the water part

      The role of the water part is to deliver wetting fluid to the blank part of the printing plate.


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