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4 Trends In The Growth Of Custom Printed Corrugated Box Industry In Dongguan
Jan 24, 2019

Since 1856, the style and design of corrugated boxes have come a long way. According to Huizhou Printing, the patent was approved for the first known corrugated material and was used as a men's high hat in the UK. Sweat-proof lining. Since then, corrugated materials have experienced a rapid development. In 1871, unlined corrugated paper was first used to package glass and kerosene lamp chimneys, and in 1894 the material was first cut and slotted into boxes.


Manufacturers began using corrugated boxes to carry large quantities of products, and throughout the 20th century, the development of rubber printing plates, flexographic printing, flexographic laminating, preprinted paper linerboard, anilox technology and edge pressing brought us to today. Corrugated boxes we know. The following are the four latest trends that continue to keep the corrugated box industry moving forward.

As light as possible

Corrugated box manufacturers have been working hard to reduce product weight and continue to achieve excellent results. Companies that ship their products over long distances typically need to keep their overall package weight to a minimum to maintain their intended target operating costs. One way to achieve this is to continually develop lighter corrugated boxes. Today's lightweight box panels handle amazing capacity and weight. The durability and strength of the transport material ensures the safe packaging and transport of the product, ensuring safe delivery of the product throughout the transport process.


Online shopping boom box online shopping

The popularity has not ended. This is very convenient, with almost unlimited product selection and comparison shopping often allows consumers to save large sums of money. Box printers In general, retailers can simplify the design of their boxes for online sales because they are already purchased before they see the box. Despite this, the online order shipping box still has a lot of innovative design space, graphics and brand recognition.


Environmentally friendly corrugated box

New technological developments have reduced the amount of paper used in the manufacture of corrugated boxes, combined with more innovative designs and greater recycling possibilities, making it possible to develop more sustainable and environmentally friendly corrugated boxes. Not only do “green” consumers like to see signs of sustainability, but these sustainable practices are often more efficient and cost-effective for companies, making them a win-win situation for both.

Packaging printing custom printing rapid development

Despite the increasing number of simple and environmentally friendly packaging, demand for point-of-sale displays, merchandising units and retail packaging is also increasing. This has spurred advances in printing, making photo-realistic images on displays and boxes, and smart marketing. Branding has a long way to go in your brand imaging work. It is well worth studying the potential of using new technologies in printing and packaging.


Important innovations in packaging and transportation are still subject to change. Keep an eye out for the latest trends in corrugated carton styles and designs.

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