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Achieve Green Printing Teach You Zero Cost To Achieve Green Printing
- May 28, 2018 -

Material fine management

The low-value consumables are further subdivided into fixed-rate materials (materials on process sheets), fixed-point materials (hand-over materials), limit materials, and limit materials (such as glues), and each production department, binding department, and storage department limit The use of materials is subject to standardized and controlled management measures.

Each year, the person in charge of production, quality, and equipment management reports material costs, equipment maintenance and power consumption costs, cost accounting, summary reports on material costs, and changes.

Secondary use of printing plates

To keep the plate, clean the plate of the short list and protect it. Save it for use. Plate for secondary use.

Preventive maintenance of equipment

Establish a complete equipment ledger, formulate a complete equipment maintenance and management system, and have detailed equipment maintenance contents and cost records. Every year, a viable equipment maintenance plan is formulated and strictly implemented to achieve preventive maintenance.

Equipment function parts reuse

Prior to scrapping equipment, evaluate the reuse value of the equipment. Dismantle the functional components such as motors, fans, inverters, control boards, and general-purpose switches that have certain functions in the end-of-life equipment, and perform the necessary repairs to repair and replace other equipment of the enterprise and technical transformation.

Lighting control

Taking the platemaking workshop as an example, according to the requirements of the production process, the lighting fixtures are arranged according to the layout of the printing plate and the developing device in the workshop, and the partition control. When the operator performs a certain operation, only the lighting of the process is turned on, and the other lighting of the other equipment in the workshop is turned off to reduce energy consumption.

The storehouse is naturally illuminated and the roof of the warehouse is designed to be translucent, with natural light lighting during the day.

Recyclable items

Focus on the use of recyclable items. For example, custom-made canvas covers that can be used multiple times, waterproof and dustproof, instead of cling film for packaging and secure printed products dust and moisture.

Waste collection and recycling

Collect and recycle waste paper, aluminum plates, plastic films, optical discs, and wooden boards in a unified manner, recycle it, and reuse it.

The waste medicines are sent to the suppliers or qualified contractors for regular collection and disposal.

In the aspect of domestic garbage, classified bins with prominent signs are installed everywhere in the factory to guide employees to classify recyclable wastes such as aluminum cans and plastic bottles and ordinary household waste.

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