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Adjust Your Mindset, Do Your Job Well, And Transform Early
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Chairman of the China Printing Technology Association Commercial Paper Printing Branch Chairman and General Manager of Zhejiang Mozhihua Printing Co., Ltd. Guan Zhengming

Nowadays, the bill printing industry faces difficulties such as market shrinkage and product structure adjustment. Internet finance and informatization data have caused the bill printing business to plummet, and bill printing companies are experiencing unprecedented difficulties. I believe that many bill printing companies have experienced the glorious period of the bill printing industry. So now, how do we face the challenges and do the transformation and upgrading?

My feeling is that I have to adjust my mind. If you earned 10 million yuan and now earn 5 million yuan, you must feel balanced.

In addition, the development of society is irresistible, so it is necessary to face the reality. After three or four years, the electronic invoices may increase, and our main business will be further compressed, so we have to prepare for the transformation and upgrading in advance.

Of course, doing a good job of printing tickets is also a mission. Bills are an important document in the field of national circulation. We must stand up for the last class. Even if it is a ticket, we must also ensure the quality and security to complete the mission, to ensure that the printing of bills is foolproof!

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