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Advantages Of Corrugated Box Flexo Preprinting
Jan 12, 2019

(1) Printing speed is fast, up to 500 m / min.

(2) The printing pattern is exquisite, the printing color is large, and the non-toxic and non-polluting environmentally-friendly water-based ink and environmental varnish can be used, so it has great advantages in the field of food and medicine packaging and printing.

(3) Adopting the web printing method, it can realize non-stop paper change, suitable for mass production, and the larger the order, the more obvious the advantage.

(4) It can be directly dried and shaped on the corrugated board production line, eliminating the phenomenon of single sheet paste and cardboard warpage, which is suitable for the market requirements of modern enterprises for fast delivery and mass production.

(5) It can improve the performance of the product and avoid the damage caused by the direct printing of corrugated cardboard to the strength of the corrugated box; it can reduce the requirement of the quantitative amount of the opposite paper, thereby reducing the cost of packaging.

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