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After The Change Of The Camp, Who Will Print The Ordinary VAT Invoice?
Dec 06, 2018

The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued the "Notice on the Comprehensive Push-up of the VAT Reform for Business Taxes", which stipulates that since May 1, 2016, the pilot reform of the business tax to VAT will be launched nationwide. All business taxpayers, such as real estate, finance, and life services, are included in the scope of the pilot, and the business tax is paid instead of VAT. In China, business tax is a local tax, and value-added tax is a national tax. The business tax invoice was originally printed by a bill printing enterprise with local tax invoice printing qualification. In recent years, after the implementation of the policy of reforming the business, some of this business has been transferred to related printing companies with national tax invoice printing qualifications. Nowadays, the nationwide reform of the camp will be carried out in an all-round way. The market segmentation will undergo tremendous changes. Many bill printing enterprises that use the local tax invoices to print their main business will be seriously “bloodless” and even have no votes to print. Recently, it was reported that the printing of VAT ordinary invoices will be carried out by means of national centralized bidding, but the number and scope of bidding enterprises are still pending. Who will print the VAT invoices? Which bill printing companies will be fortunate to share this huge market, affecting the hearts of many ticket printers.

It is understood that the main person in charge of the China Printing Technology Association Commercial Paper Printing Branch (ticket branch) on the issue of the reform of the camp, the new round of VAT ordinary invoice printing and tendering issues will affect the printing enterprises, special trip to Beijing to the China Printing Technology Association (China Printing Association), the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television made a report, which attracted the attention of the leaders. The China Printing Association and the Bills Branch jointly drafted relevant written suggestions and visited the relevant departments of the State Administration of Taxation to upgrade and transform the bill printing enterprises. A smooth transition creates buffer conditions. However, the overall promotion of the reform of the camp, or the implementation of electronic tax invoices in the future, for companies specializing in tax and financial ticket printing, the prospects are certainly not optimistic.

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