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Alliance Expansion
Dec 07, 2018

The largest digital printing “alliance” in China is “Hunan Gang”. They rely on regional and family blood to develop and grow. Now Hunan Gang is no longer the former Hunan gang. Guangdong’s Hunan Gang has already thought about and tried to use unity. The image and unified training will create a new look for Hunan's fast printing shop and reshape the industry. Another form of alliance expansion is the participation of employees in stocks, such as Foshan Fuli Tu, employees can establish a new store after a series of training and support, so that the fast-print shop with the parent company's genes can be extended to further places. Go out.

All of this tells us that the change of business model has made the digital printing industry face an important turning point, that is, the digital printing enterprise has changed from the simple mode of “buying equipment processing products” to paying more attention to “service, sales, network”. More complex and elaborate patterns. This shift is due to the company's desire to focus on large quantities of small print orders and lower production costs, which is better than competing with other digital printing companies, even with traditional printing. We can feel that it is not so easy to start a digital printing business from scratch. On the other hand, just like the express market, digital printing companies will also adopt an industrial model adjustment or upgrade, which will be a business model from production and sales. , transformed into a new industry model that advocates sharing. So now the real problem is not "can", but "how fast" will transform from the traditional production and management model to the new, shared industry model.

The winners of the digital printing industry in the future will be those that can better understand customer needs better, faster, and at lower cost, and turn customer needs into personalized products and services. For digital printing industry operators, it is imperative that they need to close the distance between themselves and their customers and enable them to actively participate in their own models.

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