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Anti-counterfeit Packaging How Much Do You Know About Anti-counterfeit Packaging? Cheung Lee Shenzhen Printing Factory Tells You
May 11, 2018

Anti-counterfeit packaging has the common features of general packaging functions and anti-counterfeiting technology. At the same time, Shenzhen Printing Factory has its own unique features in comparison with other packaging technologies and general sales packaging, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

  (1) Anti-counterfeit packaging has many functions, and the amount of information transmitted is large. In addition to meeting the general protection functions, the anti-counterfeit packaging must also satisfy functions that are not copied or exchanged.

  Therefore, more information is needed to increase the difficulty of counterfeiting. For example, special patterns, colors, identification methods, etc. are set in the text description of the package, and some even include instruments and identification plates for authenticating the product.

  (2) The design, production, and use of anti-counterfeit packaging are more scientific and more difficult, paying more attention to principles, methods, and techniques

  At present, the phenomenon of counterfeit products being counterfeited is not enough to cause counterfeit goods to be copied and exchanged. At the same time, counterfeit technology itself has been counterfeited and cannot be ignored. Therefore, manufacturers must protect their products and protect their anti-counterfeiting methods and methods. They must adopt anti-counterfeiting technologies with higher technological content and more reliable anti-counterfeiting principles to ensure that counterfeiters cannot easily break through the security lines set by manufacturers.

  (3) The secret of anti-counterfeiting packaging

  Shenzhen printing factory anti-counterfeit packaging sometimes from the appearance point of view, no difference with the general packaging, and its security encryption, only under certain conditions to show it. Such as thermochromic inks, thermochromic inks, force-induced color inks, etc., must show the security features under the influence of external factors.

  (4) The anti-counterfeiting effect of anti-counterfeit packaging can only be reflected in the sales package of the product.

  Commodity packaging is divided into sales packaging and transportation packaging. Due to human factors, conscious and purposeful destruction and counterfeiting of goods occur in the circulation of goods. Therefore, anti-counterfeit packaging is for the sale of goods packaging, anti-counterfeiting packaging can only reflect its role in the circulation of goods.

  (5) The anti-counterfeiting effect of anti-counterfeit packaging must sometimes be achieved by relying on the strength of society.

  Sometimes the anti-counterfeiting measures adopted by Shenzhen printing factory manufacturers cannot simply use their own strength to achieve their anti-counterfeiting purposes, and must rely on certain social forces to achieve. For example, code-phone anti-counterfeit packaging and network anti-counterfeit packaging all require the organization, assistance and cooperation of social organizations.


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