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Application Of Color Logic Metal Printing Technology Application Of Color Logic Metal Printing Technology In Box Printing Factory
- May 25, 2018 -

Wallace Carlson's color box printers in the United States deployed color logical metal printing technology to enable metal and space effects on paper and board used in their printing and packaging applications. This new investment strengthens Wallace Carlson's technology portfolio and strengthens the ability to protect customers' brands.

     “We use the Toyo Kaleido Extended Color Range Ink Group to run the Color-Logic system and its 250 metallic ink colors on our eight-color press. This is an unparalleled production setting in the industry and has produced tremendous results,” Charlie Cox, chief operating officer of Wallace Carlson, a Premier Press for Logic Premier. "Our ability to license customers to the Color-Logic design suite enables us to quickly join and accelerate time-to-market."

     Wallace Carlson's customers and their design team use the Color-Logic Design Suite to add metallic inks and decorative effects to their communication materials and packaging. In addition to delivering tools and palettes through Photoshop and Illustrator plug-ins, Design Suite also offers a 3D viewer that allows designers and prepress staff to see metallic effects before printing. Wallace Carlson's color box printer also uses the Color-Logic Design Suite in its design department.

     In production, Wallace Carlson presses use metal features in printing and packaging designs. This 'eliminating' style is an inline function that eliminates the hassle and expense of traditional foil and bronzing techniques.

     "Metal inks and special effects can not only be used to make the brand stand out, but also help brand protection," said Cox. “Intricate patterns and watermarks printed with metallic inks that are difficult to imitate in color box printers add a degree of security to your design.”

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