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Approaching Disc Printing Technology
- May 31, 2018 -

In the past, color graphics on optical disks were mostly accomplished using a screen printing process. However, in recent years, with the continuous development of optical disc technology, the application of DVD optical disc products has become more and more extensive, and the requirements for the decorative quality of optical disc surfaces have become higher and higher. In order to cater to this market development trend, while ensuring the playback function of CD products and higher sound and picture quality requirements, waterless offset printing (in most cases, screen printing and waterless offset printing) has become a new optical disc printing technology. .

This is the first time we have discussed the technology of disc printing in depth. We know very little about this particular technology. Through interviews with technicians from several well-known domestic CD-ROM manufacturers, their rich experience has benefited us a lot.

Quality control points

Due to the different substrates, there are many essential differences between optical disc printing and traditional paper media printing. However, in fact, CD printing is not as complicated as traditional paper media printing. As long as you master the quality control points, you can print products that satisfy your customers. In this interview, most technicians believe that controlling the following factors is critical to improving the quality of CD-ROM printing, and describes their own experience in these areas.

1. Selection and testing of optical disc printing consumables

(1) Special UV ink

The special UV inks are used in the printing of optical discs. Currently, there are many product brands sold on the domestic market, such as French Dolby, U.S. colorful, Japanese DIC inks, Fujikura Research (Kunshan) FUJI inks, and Rio Tinto Technologies. Oak people ink and so on.

1UV screen printing ink

UV screen printing ink for CD printing requires high saturation, good transparency, good thixotropy, and fine and uniform ink particles. In order to ensure the ink pigment particles pass through the mesh, the particle size should be 1/1 of the mesh. 4 to 1/3. UV inks for CD, VCD disc printing, in addition to the above requirements, should also have good adhesion with PC (polycarbonate) materials. UV inks used for printing on DVD-based discs have a small degree of shrinkage during UV curing; and the ink layers are thin and uniform to minimize the impact on the flatness and high definition of the DVD during UV ink curing.

2UV waterless offset printing ink

UV water-free offset printing inks for optical disc printing require high transparency, fine pigment particles, strong coloring power, low viscosity of the ink, low thixotropy, no high yield value, and good rheological properties.

In addition to the requirements for the basic performance of special UV inks, there are many artificial regulations in the printing of optical discs. According to Mr. Fan Weichang, the chief engineer of Guangdong Weiya Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., when processing external single discs (such as printers, digital cameras, scanners, etc.), inks used by disc printing companies must comply with international environmental protection requirements, that is, corresponding The green environmental protection certificate, the products printed with this type of ink can enter the international market.

(2) UV curing device

The core component of the UV curing device is a UV lamp and a reflector. The function of the device is to cure the ink on the surface of the optical disc by the irradiation of the UV lamp. This device is very critical in optical disc printing equipment. Each group of CD-ROM screen printers is equipped with a UV curing device, while the CD-ROM offset printer only has a set of UV curing devices after 4-color printing.

Mr. Zhou Wei, Head of Printing at Shanghai United Optical Disc Co., Ltd., reminded everyone that the spectral characteristics of the UV lamp must match the spectral characteristics of the ink. Otherwise, the degree of drying of the UV ink on the surface of the optical disc will be affected, resulting in ink drop and other quality problems.

(3) Scraper, blanket and tray gasket

The quality of scraper and tray gaskets plays an important role in whether the screen printing is solid and the dot is clear.

The quality of rubber blankets and tray gaskets is closely related to the quality of waterless offset printing. Because, in the waterless offset printing, the graphic is transferred from the printing plate to the blanket, and finally transferred to the printing surface of the optical disc.

(4) Testing equipment

Detection is an indispensable part of high-quality optical disc printing. The general inspection contents are: under the standard light source, the color difference of the printing surface of the optical disc is detected, and the UV energy detector is used to check whether the spectral characteristics of the UV lamp and the UV ink match. . At present, the testing equipment commonly used in the printing of optical discs includes standard light sources, electronic calculation formula oil balances, UV energy detectors, and ID code inspection machines. There are also professional testing equipments equipped on printing equipment for on-line real-time monitoring, such as Papageno and Basler disc inspection systems. Among them, the Papageno disc inspection system is used to check the print surface of the disc for defects, and the Basler disc inspection system is used to inspect discs. The information surface has flaws and correctness of the dial number.

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