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Attention Of Paper Embossing Process Packaging Box Printing Custom Paper Embossing Process Need To Pay Attention To What Issues?
- May 24, 2018 -

With the emergence of a variety of high-quality art papers on the market, the effect of printing customized embossed paper on the packaging box has replaced more and more people's attention.

    The box printing custom embossing process is a process that uses a concave-convex mold to produce plastic deformation under a certain pressure and print the surface of the print. The surface of the embossed prints shows different patterns and textures, which have a distinct three-dimensional relief and enhance the artistic appeal of prints. Due to offset printing on the uneven surface of the paper surface, the pressure of the ink must be increased to a certain extent, so the requirements for offset printing paper are getting higher and higher.

Packaging box printing custom craft processing precautions :


1, bronzing convex template can not have hypotenuse, because it may cause the edge of gold foil can not be firmly attached.


2. Beveled stencils are usually made of copper or brass. The bevel angle is most suitable for 30° or 50°.


3, multi-layer template is best used for thermal shock convex or prime convex.


4. Doing material and effect tests first is the best way to prevent actual effects and design requirements from being released.


5. Communicate more with platemaking suppliers to understand and confirm the printing materials? The toughness, thickness, and other factors of the printing materials determine the depth of the embossing embossing template.


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