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Attention Of Printing Bag Dongguan Custom Printing Bag Should Pay Attention To What Issues?
- May 24, 2018 -

In life, handbags can be seen everywhere, everyone is using it, used in shopping malls for shopping, used in the market for stuffing, plastic, non-woven, paper, etc. our life.

       From a commercial point of view, businesses combine people's daily lives and create their own brand and product marketing through handbags. Handbags have low printing costs and strong liquidity. They can convey all kinds of information to customers well. It is one of the best means for marketing. But do you know how the handbag came from? Handbag printing should pay attention to what? The following custom printing factory in Dongguan to explain to everyone

The bag printing mode is not the same as other printing products. First, the bag is thicker than other products in terms of material, and the bag surface is covered. This will look very smooth. The color is more abundant and bright than other printed products, so the bag is more attention to detail than other products in the custom printing process in Dongguan.

       Do not use any other ink at the same time. If it is two kinds of oil ink that cannot be fused together, it will greatly affect the quality of the handbag. And if the ink is not evenly mixed or too light, it will affect the quality. If this happens, you can add a little thickening agent to dilute it or continue stirring evenly!

The pH is very important. It can not only make the water fully function, but also make the viscosity and pH of the ink play the same role. If the pH is not up to standard, add water or wait until the pH stabilizes.

       In the handbag printing process, the speed is very fast, so the special requirements of the drying speed on the ink, if it is done very slowly, all previous operation efforts will be destroyed! So it's time to add a desiccant! Avoid the effects of printing. After the printing is completed, it is necessary to clean the remaining ink water. The ink on the bag is still in a viscous state in a clean state, so as to increase the cleaning speed, it is difficult to clean the already dried ink! If you cannot wash off with water, you can add a small amount of detergent to clean.

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