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Attention Of Tea Gift Packaging And Printing Huizhou Printed Tea Gift Packaging And Printing Workshop Safety Issues To Pay Attention To
- May 11, 2018 -

Safety is the basic guarantee for human life and health. All life and production activities are rooted in the existence of life. What are the safety hazards that need to be noted in the printing plant? To ensure that the work is done in a safe and efficient manner, let Huizhou print a list of some of the habitual bad habits in the printing factory's workshop to remind everyone of the alarm.

First, the safety hazards of bad operating habits

    1. Loading

    Customary operation: Generally, there are more plates in the rotary press, and operators are accustomed to two or more sets of simultaneous hanging plates to save time and improve work efficiency. At the same time sheetfed offset printing machine also has this phenomenon. In order to speed up the progress, and after the provisional version, the master also came to help, that is, one person presses the plate and one person touches the switch.

    If there are hidden dangers, if two or more people operate at the same time, the attention is not concentrated, the hands may slide or unexpected machine failures may occur. It is easy to get fingers involved and cause personal injury.

    2. Shovel ink

Due to the need for uniform operation, the operator is accustomed to moving the ink scoop back and forth on the ink roller to perform even ink, add ink, or remove excess ink from the ink roller.

 Safety hazards, when the equipment is running at a high speed, this kind of operation belongs to the dangerous operation of multiple accidents. Once the ink shovel angle pin is offset or the ink scoop encounters unevenness on the surface of the ink fountain roller, the ink shovel will be dragged into the main string. An accident occurs between the ink roller and the rubber roller, and when it is light, the printing plate or the rubber roller is scratched, and when it is heavy, the blanket or the roller is crushed, and even the plucking blade is in a moment causing a personal accident.

    3. In addition to dirty

    Customary operation: Whether it is a rotary press or a sheet-fed offset press, the phenomenon that ink or rubber rollers and paper drop-offs stick to the graphic portion of the plate often occurs. Affect product quality. At this time, operators often use their fingers to remove dirt while the machine is running.

    Security risks: This kind of operation is a dangerous operation that is in violation of regulations. More accidents are caused in printing. The operator must find the position of the dirty point and wipe it when the machine is running at a high speed. The available time is quite short, and the size of the force can't be wiped off. Only the operator can use the strong force to stick to the plate (or ink roller). Dirty spots are removed. With a slight mistake, the finger may enter the free space of the plate cylinder. If it is suspended and there is no reliance on it, it is very likely that one hand will be brought into the drum, causing a hand-rolling accident.

    In daily production, Huizhou printing must tell everyone to establish the idea of safety first and cultivate good operating habits. Otherwise, in the event of an accident, product quality and economic benefits will all be lost. Therefore, bad operating habits are the biggest killers of potential safety hazards.

    Second, do not comply with the workshop production specifications

    In fact, this one is similar to the first one. The difference is that this article focuses more on the workshop specification than the operating specification.

    One netizen once said that they had a security accident in the printing shop. The printing machine twisted an employee's arm. The root cause of the accident was that the employee wore slippers to work and the result was slippery slippers. , I put my hand into the press.

    Third, production is not enough silent

    Also seen the news, because the cooperation with the coworkers was not in place, a worker was unaware of his partner when cleaning the blanket cylinder. He pressed the button and the employee's hand was rolled into the printing press. Of course, this kind of accident will not happen again. Due to the improvement of the safety performance of the equipment, such accidents are also greatly reduced.

    IV. Safety Accidents Caused by Defects in Equipment Design

    Huizhou Printing can say that the defects in equipment safety design are the indispensable causes of accidents. In the past, due to the insecure safety design of old machines, there were many hidden safety hazards. Work injuries caused by machines also occurred frequently. In the past, in some small printing factories, we often heard some paper cutters cut off one finger. Of course, with the improvement of machinery and equipment, due to the unilateral problems of the equipment is gradually reduced.

    "Safety first" is the most basic moral and emotional care for people. It is a respect for people's right to life and reflects the moral principles of life supremacy. Huizhou printing tells everyone to always put safety first!


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