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Basics Of Self-adhesive Packaging Label Trademark Printing Factory Basics Of Self-adhesive
May 09, 2018

The sticker is a small and common thing. It doesn't look small. It can play a huge capacity. Brands from big to small can't live without it. It can represent a brand's product as a "face." Branded businesses bring benefits. The following custom printing trademark printing factory in Dongguan to everyone to popularize the basic knowledge of stickers, so that everyone knows the awareness of stickers.

    Self-adhesive labels are also called self-adhesive labels, timely stickers, sticky notes, and pressure-sensitive papers. They are made of paper, film, or special materials. They are coated with adhesive on the back and are coated with silicon protective paper as a base paper. Composite materials, and after printing, die-cutting and other processing into a finished product label. When the application removes the backing paper, it can be applied to the surface of various substrates with a single press, or a labeling machine can be used to automatically label the production line. Compared with traditional labels, self-adhesive labels do not require glue, do not paste, do not have to drip, and have no pollution, which can save labeling time and can be applied to various occasions quickly and easily. Different fabrics, adhesives, and backing paper can be used to process labels that can be applied to materials that are not suitable for general paper labels. It can be said that the sticker is a universal label.

    The trademark printing materials have a wide range of application. According to their application characteristics are basically divided into two categories, namely, decorative materials and trademark materials.

  1, decoration materials. It is mainly composed of thin film materials, such as decorative decals on automobiles, motorcycles, logos on shop windows, reflective films on highways, and markings on containers. Such materials are generally materials that can be used outdoors; use special adhesives, have good weatherability and corrosion resistance; generally do not print or only screen printing. Processing methods for computer lettering or die-cutting process, there are a variety of colors.

  2, trademark materials. Mainly based on paper and film, divided into basic labels and variable information labels according to the scope of application:

  (1) The basic labels include: Labels for food and beverages, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, office supplies, toys, shampoos, appliances, hygiene products, etc. (2) The variable information labels include: batch number, order code, bar code, production date, timetable, price, mailing process information processing, distribution, warehouse management, inventory data, etc.

    At present, China's self-adhesive labels are gradually increasing in scope of application, and the number of self-labeled goods is gradually increasing. With the economic development, China will become the world's largest sticker application market.

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