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Benefit Of Printing What Benefits Does Guangzhou Printing Bring To Life?
May 05, 2018

Life is inseparable from printing. The books we read at school are the best examples. There are many manuals and stickers. All are indispensable for life. When referring to printing, many people may think of a kind of children's game: use plasticine to squeeze a cube, use a fingernail to draw a word or a pattern on one surface, and then dipped in ink or colored ink. White paper or white cloth "to achieve your own printing dream." The early exploration of document reproduction by the ancients, and the lithograph printing technique as the first printing technique, was merely an enlargement of this game.

Prior to the advent of engraving printing, the only way to copy information quickly was to seal the seal, or to put a piece of paper on the stone tablet to print it and get the rubbing. The seal has clear text, but the information capacity is small; the information capacity of the stone tablet is large, but because the rubbings are white on a black background, they may not be clear. Therefore, people think of combining the two, “enlarging” the seal into wood engravings, and then covering the paper with paper and copying the documents in a similar way.

    From ancient seals, rubbings and engravings, to modern printing relying on computer technology, in the process of mankind's pursuit of higher copying efficiency and precision. Today, printing is no longer out of reach for ordinary people. Thanks to advanced digital printing technology from the Guangzhou Printing Factory, people can easily print their own books, such as a baby's album of growth, or a compilation of wedding commemorative photos, just as they used plasticine to do it when they were young. The ranking is the same as the previous "printing practice". But for the entire human race, this "from game to game" cycle embodies more than a thousand years of time, and the wisdom of countless people.

    Printing promotes the popularization of education and the promotion of knowledge. The cheap prices of books make more people obtain knowledge, thus affecting their outlook on life and world outlook. Popularization of books will increase people’s literacy rates, which in turn will increase the demand for books. In addition, handicraftspeople have found that prints of this type can be used for fame and fortune in the early printing of manuals and advertisements. This has improved their reading and writing skills.


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