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Box Type Folding Box Printing Plant Common Box Type, You Understand It?
May 17, 2018

In today's market, more and more people are paying more and more attention to packaging. They all want to sell their products through perfect packaging. Some businesses will find color box printing plants to inquire about how to design color boxes. There are a variety of box types. Finding a box that suits your product is in accordance with the product's better sales. Here are some commonly used boxes. Do you all know it?

1 socket type box type

This type of box is printed with white cardboard and can be folded after being molded. The shape is simple and the process is simple. Generally used for inner boxes and simple gift boxes, the price is low.

2. Window type box type

This type of box is generally composed of two materials, namely cardboard printing and transparent materials. This design makes it easier for us to present our products more intuitively and increase the credibility of our products. Generally used in the packaging of food and toys, headphones.

3. World type cover box type

This gift box can be divided into a conjoined heaven and earth cover (which is composed of the upper and lower covers, bottoms, branches, back straps, ribbons, etc.). The cover of the world is composed of a cover, a cover, and a branch, and is generally used for food gift box packaging, health product gift box packaging, tea gift box packaging, etc. The use is relatively wide, but the technology is relatively complicated.

4. Book box

It is composed of a panel and a bottom box, and the size of the gift box packaging is decided according to the size of our products, which is relatively simple, but the range of use is wider.

5. Drawer box type

This kind of packaging is similar to the shape of the drawer. The cover and the box body are two-layer structure that can be removed, and the structure is firm and not easily damaged. Can be divided into high-grade and low-grade two.

The above is the color box type often printed by the box printing factory. Xiangli Printing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive brand printing enterprise integrating prepress production, printing, postpress processing and logistics. Cheung Lee people adhering to the "scientific management, quality first, abide by the credibility, continuous innovation," the spirit of enterprise, and pursue "to meet and exceed customer requirements" business beliefs. If you need packaging, please call us.

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