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Bronzing Process, Not As Hard As You Think
Jun 13, 2018

The basic process of bronzing

The main material for bronzing is galvanized aluminum, so bronzing is also called galvanized aluminum stamping. Bronzing is the use of the principle of heat transfer, the aluminum layer in the electro-aluminum transfer to the surface of the glitter gift boxes substrate.


Basic process:


Firstly, under pressure, that is, when the aluminum foil is pressed by a hot plate and the substrate is pressed, the aluminum foil is heated to melt the upper-melting silicone resin layer and the adhesive. At this time, the silicone resin heated and melted becomes viscous. Small, but the special thermal adhesive adhesive melts when heated, so that the aluminum layer and the aluminum base film peel off and transfer to the substrate.


As the pressure is removed, the adhesive rapidly cools and solidifies, and the aluminum layer is firmly attached to the substrate, completing a hot stamping process.


Process flow:


Hot stamping preparation - loading plate - pad printing - adjust the hot stamping process parameters - test hot - sample - official stamping.

Hot stamping should pay attention to other issues

The quality of bronzing is affected by many factors, especially because extra large christmas gift boxes with lids are gilded after printing. The printing effect, the thickness of the ink layer, the nature of the ink, etc. will directly affect the hot stamping effect. Therefore, the following issues should be noted:

01, should be hot stamped after the ink dry. If the ink layer has not dried yet, the hot stamping starts. Since the ink is not firmly adhered, the failure of the pull-and-deink layer may occur, so that the hot stamping may not be performed.


02, if the hot stamping on the background, the underlying color ink layer can not be too thick, too thick, try to do dark ink thin printing, to avoid 3 color, 4 color overprint, so as to avoid ink layer is too thick, ink adhesion is not solid enough, Hot stamping is not strong, hair paste, and even pull off the ink layer and other undesirable phenomena. In addition, the hot stamping temperature should be properly reduced when hot stamping the ground background, so that the hot stamping effect is ideal.


03, if the hot spot in the field on the hot stamping, in the printing of special colors to control the amount of ink additives increase, such as too much amount of desiccant will cause the ink layer crystallization, resulting in hot stamping of aluminum can not; In addition, printing Should avoid the incorporation of non-dry oils, such as oil, kerosene, slow drying agent and corn flour, etc., in order to avoid hot stamping situation.


If the stamping agent is caused by the addition of ink additives, the surface of the printed matter may be wiped with anhydrous alcohol to destroy the oil layer or the wax, so as to enhance the adhesion of the aluminum foil and improve the effect of the stamping.


04. If hot stamping is applied on glazing and filmed white boxes with lids, the corresponding galvanized aluminum model should be selected.

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