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Buying Presses For Printing Presses Buying Seven Presses For Printing Presses, Buying Right Is Equal To Business!
May 28, 2018

Purchasing printing equipment investment is not small, ranging from a few hundred thousand, as many as tens of millions, if you buy rashly, resulting in investment mistakes, often cause a huge loss to a company. Small-scale, weak-capital enterprises may even be caught in the disadvantage of bankruptcy. Therefore, it is necessary to do thorough and careful market investigation before purchasing machinery.

1, make a preliminary market survey and market positioning

The market demand has high middle and low grades. If the printing and packaging plants are targeted at the mid-to-high end market, they should purchase equipment from well-known printing and packaging machinery manufacturers at home and abroad, and the quality of printed products is also high. If the factory is small in scale and the low-end market is the target, medium and low-end equipment should be purchased. However, the demand in the low-end market will gradually shrink. It is recommended that you purchase equipment that is not too low in quality and that the equipment can be retrofitted and upgraded so that the equipment will not be replaced too quickly and cause greater losses.

Market positioning should be accurate and comprehensive. This is because there are differences in market conditions and market demands in each grade and category. Can not blindly purchase machinery, otherwise it is likely to leave regrets. The domestic packaging and printing market mainly consists of three categories: pharmaceuticals, garments, and industrial packaging. The greater the development of socialized production, the finer the division of labor among people. A factory can't do anything and it can't do anything.

2, timely master printing equipment quality reference

The quality of the gravure printing press can be referenced from some important parameters, such as printing materials, printing flow, printing color number, printing material width, mechanical test speed, maximum printing speed, plate diameter, plate diameter, unwinding, winding Diameter and vertical and horizontal automatic overprint accuracy. Gravity machine purchase stability should be the first consideration, and then consider the speed. A medium-speed machine can produce more steadily than a high-speed but always stop-and-go machine. Considering the possibility of upgrading machines and components, it is important to purchase in stages. If funds are allowed, it is better to be in place once and for all. This will save you from the need to escalate in the future.

3, rational analysis of gravure printing machine prices

Gravure machines also cost from millions to tens of millions. The higher the printer's grade, the higher the degree of automation. It should be noted here that many gravure printer buyers blindly believe that high speed and polychromism are high-grade gravure printers. In fact, this is only part of the feature. In fact, high-end printers pursue the improvement of overall performance. The more important features of the high-grade gravure printing press are: short version of the product design concept, humanization and environmental protection; individualized, modular and intelligent product structure. Printing and packaging manufacturers should choose the gravure printing machine according to their own actual needs. The function and performance of the machine must be matched. The local configuration is not suitable and the best configuration is not necessarily the best.

4. Establish a relatively stable sales channel

Investing in new equipment must take into account the market and business objectives, as well as the possible return on investment. What kind of equipment, there may be what kind of order. Packaging and printing companies should take the initiative to open up the market and find sufficient sources of supply. Otherwise, there will be no adequate orders to support the company's inability to survive. Gravure printing is suitable for mass production and continuous production. Such as stop and open, small-scale production, can only lead to instability in the quality of the printing, the finished product rate is not high, the cost increases, causing waste.

5. Strengthen the training of related talents

Some printing companies are not operating properly, the product quality is not stable enough, and the scrap rate is high. In addition to factors such as insufficient living resources and unreasonable matching, one important reason is that the entire process and operation of printing from design, plate making, printing, and postpress processing have not yet been mastered. It is suggested that enterprises should pay special attention to the training of enterprise talents. The competition between enterprises is essentially the competition among talents. Enterprises should do a good job of pre-post, on-the-job, and regular training work for their employees, so that the company’s talent pool of talent can continue to flow. And do their best to use it. It is a better way for enterprises and institutions of higher learning to unite for scientific research and production. This is a win-win choice for both parties.

6, familiar with and strictly enforce the industry laws and regulations, do a good job in environmental protection

The printing and packaging industry uses a large number of films, additives, inks, and adhesives, and the use of these raw materials can easily cause pollution to the environment around the plant. Therefore, companies should actively adopt environmental recycling recycling equipment, make green work around the plant workshop, create a pleasant comfortable working environment for employees, which can also improve business productivity.

7. Maintain a harmonious relationship with printing consumable suppliers and printing equipment suppliers

In the use of the gravure printing machine, there will always be maintenance, replacement parts, and even sudden downtime. All of these tests the responsiveness of gravure printer suppliers. It is able to find faults in the shortest possible time, repair and resume normal production as soon as possible, involving the experience of gravure printer manufacturers, parts delivery speed, and arrival time control. Future product sales will be transformed into service and sales integration. Service will become at least as important as quality and price. Gravure printer manufacturers should provide users with timely, high-quality, efficient and comprehensive services. Therefore, flexible packaging printer manufacturers must also consider whether they can provide high-level professional services when they purchase gravure printing machines. This is also a factor to consider when purchasing a gravure press.

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