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Color Box Printing Color Box Printing Factory - Data Printed Into Packaging, Product Can Be Traced
May 04, 2018

The application of two-dimensional codes can be said to be ubiquitous in our lives, but one of the major drawbacks of ordinary two-dimensional codes is that they are easy to copy, and their anti-counterfeiting performance is not high. Liuyang High-tech Zone, a packaging box printing plant in this area to achieve a new breakthrough: relying on the terminal electronic RF technology and reactive ink electronic antenna production technology, the electronic data "printing" into the packaging material. Recently, Liuyang High-tech Zone Jinfenglin "true ten" smart packaging cloud platform results conference was held in Changsha. "An analogy, for example, is to implant a "stealth two-dimensional code" for product packaging," said Yan Wennan, vice president of the China Packaging Federation, in an interview.


Equivalent to implanting electronic chips in cardboard


Pick up a yellow carton that looks like the usual box, and tap the phone with the NFC (Close Range Communication Skills) function on the surface of the carton. Soon, every step in the cartons' products, from the purchase of raw materials to the processing and sales channels, appeared on the mobile phone screen.


"There is no need to download APPs, no need for WeChat scans, and no need to input any text. It is all about active identification and active display." Xu Ben, deputy general manager of Hunan Jinfenglin Printing and Packaging Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. live demonstration, said that this kind of intelligence The cardboard is printed directly on the insulating substrate with conductive ink, which corresponds to the electronic chip embedded in the cardboard.


"This skill first deals with the problem of the general damage of the two-dimensional code, and the second is the maximum limit to deal with counterfeiting." Xu Ben indicated that since counterfeiters could not easily duplicate the two-dimensional code, they used intelligently packaged foods and drugs. More security will be guaranteed.


For consumers, scanning such "invisible QR code" requires a mobile phone with NFC functionality. Nowadays, most mobile phones have NFC functionality, but Apple's NFC functionality is only temporarily open to its own Apple payment.


Smart packaging cloud channels use a wide range of


The principle of radio frequency identification (RFID) supported by the “invisible QR code” is similar to the ETC (non-parking system) on the expressway. Its earlier use was as early as during World War II, ie, the identification of the friendly soldiers on the battle machine. . However, combining this method of printing with packaging intelligence is the first move in the country.


In fact, smart packaging cloud channels not only provide consumers with traceability and anti-counterfeit identification services. In Min Wennan’s view, smart packaging is the next hurdle for the entire packaging profession. Smart packaging solutions based on radio frequency identification, big data, and the Internet of Things are a revolutionary feat.


The person in charge of a packaging company attending the press conference is also very optimistic about this. “For example, warehousing companies nowadays use manual input methods to handle the logistics of warehouses. It is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive. Sometimes, the goods may not be stored.” He imagined the use of intelligent packaging, “incoming and outgoing goods.” When the warehouse, all the data is like a vehicle through the ETC window, click on it and enter the cloud channel.” According to reports, the results have been used in some food, pharmaceutical companies, a good role, the next step will be widely used in intelligent storage logistics , anti-counterfeit traceability, medical management, unmanned supermarkets, talents and other areas.


Data show that in 2016 China's packaging industry exceeded 1.6 trillion yuan in output value, surpassing Japan, becoming the world's second largest packaging country after the United States.


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