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Color Box Printing Factory - How Network Printing Suppliers Can Rely On Customers
- Apr 19, 2018 -

      Recently, a group of online surveys showed that the biggest factor influencing netizens' choice of online channels to purchase prints from color box printers is: They are worried that they are too cheap. Businesses are cutting corners in print, but quality is not enough to affect normal use. Among them, more than 40% of the surveyed users indicated that they or their friends had been “flicker” when printing offline. As for online printing, such concerns are inevitable.


     Mr. Li, who runs a restaurant in Wuhan, admits that he is making propaganda orders in order to attract customers by promoting some specialties in the store. To this end, he also invited professional photographer friends to take a set of photos for their dishes. I never thought that the finished product returned by a color box printing factory that I was looking for on the Internet was totally inconsistent with the original design. What Mr Li could not accept most was the huge color difference, which affected the appearance of the dishes.


      It is reported that many customers have experienced this type of incident that has caused customers to be "fudged" and disappointed. Therefore, for the emerging network printing industry, how to eliminate the distrust of customers' minds and turn off the printing process is the key. When talking about this issue, he said that online printing will become a clear trend in the future. To make the brand bigger and stronger, the most important thing is to gain the trust of customers, and the most effective way to achieve this goal is to strengthen products such as leaflets. The printing quality. At the same time, it requires the strict supervision of the customers, and the online printing companies that are unable to satisfy the customer's needs are attacked by some of the market's insatiable excesses.


     The reporter learned from Xiaobian Wangpu's website that in order to eliminate customer concerns, the website has also launched a series of safeguard measures accordingly: If the color difference is too large, the website will be reprinted for customers for free; imported Heidelberg presses, Big brand paper to ensure the quality of finished products. For the concerns of customers, they have made corresponding commitments to ensure the interests of customers. Their principals also expressed their understanding of customer concerns about print quality, and what they can do is to ensure that these concerns do not become facts that customers need to bear.


        Network box printing plant printing is a product of the times. Its appearance has provided convenience for many people. People may need to pay more attention to how to choose a good website and a good brand in the face of such concerns.


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