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Continuous Improvement Of Flexographic Technology
Jan 11, 2019

The label flexo reflects the highest-end flexo process, successfully achieving a 175-line/inch plate, a 1% dot-gradient to zero and no hard-mouth, and the mature “gel-to-soft” exercise has matured the flexo process. The top-level design features of the flexographic process are different from the offset and gravure processes on the frontline operators. All printing companies say that the captain has a great effect. The gravure press is the captain's “one knife” and the offset printing machine's ink. The balance is also controlled by the captain. Only the flexo emphasizes the engineer, but the captain's requirements are not high. As long as the flexographic engineer designs a reasonable flexographic process route and promotes it, the captain can only perform it according to the process requirements. Even if the captain has a very different operation level, the quality fluctuation of the printed product is very small. Because flexo printing is an exotic product, it has its own set of mature technology theory when it comes from abroad. It is a gradually growing process in the domestic market. Fortunately, many young people in the domestic flexo industry have indeed made a real effort on this. They have raised their experience into theory and used theory to guide practice. Therefore, one of the characteristics of flexographic process control is "theory. - Practice - Theory, which makes the flexo process much more solid than other printing processes. The slogan proposed by a well-known flexographic printing company in China is “Intheknow, onthego”, which advocates paying attention to theory rather than experience.

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