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Continuously Innovate Business Models And Practice The Rational Development Path Of Enterprises
Dec 07, 2018

When visiting the digital printing company in Guangzhou for the first time in 2009, many companies said that the biggest confusion in the highly competitive market environment at that time was the exploration and innovation of business models. At this visit, the competition in the national digital printing market is even more severe, especially in the Guangzhou area. However, perhaps it is because Guangzhou digital printers have the courage and courage to dare to be the first; perhaps the fierce competition is forcing companies to enhance their innovation momentum. We are delighted to see that some digital printing companies are expanding their business while at the same time Innovations in the model have begun to bear fruit, or are exploring the path of enterprise development that suits the new environment.

Among them, the most cited in the industry is the Fushun Technology Co., Ltd. (Tianyi Blessed) listed on the New Third Board in January 2015. This action made it the first digital printing service provider in China to be listed on the New Third Board. The first share of digital printing for the new three boards. Yao Hongbing, chairman of Tianyi Fufu, once said, “In the course of more than 20 years of digital printing, it has experienced four revolutionary changes in the printing industry. The first time is to replace the electric system with a desktop system; the second time is Computer direct publishing replaces film making; the third is digital printing instead of plate printing; the fourth change is happening, that is, using the Internet cloud printing to integrate the printing industry chain." This revolutionary experience reflects the evolution of digital printing from the side And important development trends in the future. Another person in the industry interprets the impact of Tianyifu's successful landing in the capital market, and believes that it can use the platform resources of the capital market to broaden financing channels, improve the company's capital composition, guide the company's standardized operations, and stably attract talents. To enhance corporate social image. God's blessings through the landing of the capital market, complete the transformation of enterprises from "processing manufacturing" to "service manufacturing", which may be a reference development path for digital printing companies with listing intention.

The digital printing enterprises that take the capital road are still a minority. More enterprises are exploring business models that are suitable for the current market environment and can give play to their own advantages. Among the representative companies that visited this time in Guangzhou, the concept of building a “digital printing factory” was mentioned in the same place. The “digital printing factory” mentioned here is not the “front shop and back factory” model mentioned in the past, but a real digital printing production base. By cooperating with other fast printing stores, it collects orders from the stores for centralized production. Among them, Guangsen Digital introduced the HP Indigo 10000 digital printing machine in November 2014, and consciously reduced the number of stores, which is actively preparing for the transformation of digital printing plants. Pang Hailing, general manager, believes that "in the future digital printing market, professional people should do professional things, product development and production are handled by specialized production centers, and stores should pay more attention to the services of end customers. Everyone in the entire business industry chain performs their duties and cooperates to achieve a win-win situation. In addition, Guangsen Digital also plans to cancel the "printing fee" method this year, and replace it with a printed product as a complete The product set up a charging standard, which is to hope to provide high-efficiency, high-quality and affordable products to the cooperative enterprises through standardized production of digital printing factories.

Coincidentally, Guangzhou Integrity Express Printing Co., Ltd. has also positioned itself as a digital printing production center that integrates digital printing and post-press processing. It can serve more than 60 fast-printing companies that cooperate with it. Home, the service area extends to the surrounding areas of Guangzhou such as Foshan.

Guangzhou Jingtian Graphic Express Printing Co., Ltd. with strong post-press processing capability has similar and different business ideas from Guangsen Digital and Integrity. Compared with the introduction of large-scale digital printing equipment, it is more inclined to cooperate with other digital printing companies and traditional printing companies to build a printing production center, and through the integration of business, improve printing quality and shorten the delivery cycle, in order to support the cooperation with the fast printing Enterprises, to provide customers with quality and efficient services. It is worth mentioning that Jingtian Graphic also reduces the risk caused by the severe graphic market environment to the operation of the company by providing graphic services for large enterprises.

Many digital printing companies in Guangzhou, which are mainly in the form of graphic and fast printing shops, have also expressed a consensus on the model of “clear division of labor and warmth of the group”. For example, Zeng Zhonghui, general manager of 69 Fast Printing, said, “The future store is the order window for centralized production. The production center can do marketing through the store. The store hopes that the production center can be more professional, the equipment is applied to the extreme, and the manpower is saved to the extreme. , thereby reducing costs and improving quality; and the store only needs to take orders, design well, and meet customer needs."

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