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Cosmetics Selection Techniques Cosmetics Selection Techniques Dongguan Custom Printing Box
May 10, 2018

       In this era of beauty, every woman is indispensable. Cosmetics and skin care products are essential to life. They must go to shopping malls, or go shopping online. You can see a wide variety of exquisite shopping malls or online malls. Cosmetics packaging, often choose a cost-effective one for their packaging and good-looking one. Then the use of cosmetics to choose the skills you know how much, Dongguan custom printing the following simple to say.

For skin-sensitive people, cosmetics should not be too fragrant.

      Because scented skin care products contain a variety of spices, and their chemical composition is complex, it is easy to cause allergies. At the same time, it also contains alcohol and fruit acids. Alcohol and fruit acids are irritating to the skin and are more sensitive to the skin. In general, the symptoms of allergic skin allergies vary from person to person and their performance is different. Some people may experience some itching when using skin care lotions. Some people may experience redness, burning, and tingling sensations, so long as the first time If you don't feel good with the skin, you should stop using it. Do not think this is a normal reaction and delay.

      In the fall, skin-sensitive people should not only consider the functions of moisturizing and repairing when changing skin care products. It is recommended that everyone should choose their own skin characteristics. When purchasing, it is best to choose products labeled with sensitive skin or allergy skin and dermatologist test words. Because autumn is an allergic season, skin allergies cannot be prevented by relying solely on skin care products. In food, it is also necessary to control cold foods, seafood, and irritating substances, and to maintain adequate sleep and proper physical exercise in order to increase the body's resistance and Adaptability. If you have conditions, you can go to the hospital for an allergen check to take appropriate precautions. Dongguan Custom Printing recommends looking at cosmetic packaging information at the time of purchase and buying the right cosmetic.

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