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Culture And Art Is A Hand Of Digital Printing Culture And Art Is A Powerful Hand In The Transformation And Upgrading Of Digital Printing
- May 28, 2018 -

With the rapid development of China's fast-printing market, the homogenization of the market has become increasingly fierce. Where is the road? Many diligent quick-printers have gone out of the industry to find their own blue ocean.

Received a draft letter from Digital Printing magazine stating that the theme of this issue is “How Fast Express Stores Really Enter Traffic”, hoping that Arto could share its own value and continue to extend its experience and experience in the field of culture and art.

Flow is the foundation, products are flesh and blood, and reform and opening up must be first

A few years ago, Accor, like many fast-print counterparts, quickly fell into a negative growth period. At that time, the private lending and real estate markets in this small town were also in the doldrums, and the number of drawings, tenders, and renderings decreased. At the same time, the number of small quick printing shops soared, even with the upstream real estate managers and design. The hospital’s engineers have all set aside their positions to be “shop 2”, and the rich and literate have come to robbery.

In addition, the impact of the Internet market, the brain burning of the industry, the rich have invested heavily in the establishment of e-commerce platform. There is no money and no understanding of e-commerce, and even where there are no sites on the site, where is the road? Through careful analysis, we have clearly realized that we are a store business with thousands or even tens of thousands of customer resources; the fast printing industry is amidst many industries such as advertising, video, printing, cultural and creative, decoration, and media communication. Industry, but we have a large number of digital technologies. We are a company with more than ten years of technological accumulation and close contact with related industries. We not only understand digital printing, but also understand the principle of image printing, and understand the prepress and postpress of traditional printing. Process, understand advertising inkjet, laser engraving, digital direct-injection, screen printing, thermal transfer, water transfer printing, art micro-spraying.

Therefore, "open source" should be our first step, and the "great policy" of "Almighty Arthos and printing what you think" is born. Broadening the product line is enriching the content of the product, allowing traffic to flow, and the store's business has a new life. The output value naturally begins to increase. At the same time as open source, it is natural to keep in mind thrift, and the profit space will be maximized.

Set up art galleries to divert each other and guide each other

While broadening the product line, I spent half a year working painstakingly to build a cultural art gallery. The art gallery named "Actu and Cloud", "Yatu" is the parent brand, and "Actu and Cloud" is the sub-brand. The implication is: "On the Harmony platform of Harmony, the higher ones will gather, and will be harmonious with the light to create the future together." The tenet is: Take digital printing as the core, do the platform, do the industrial chain, do the incubator.

The display cabinets of the Museum of Art display a part of printed products with artistic expression value, which melts into many elements of space aesthetics. When the museum opened, it attracted many high-end people from all walks of life who were not only artists, art institutions, but also schools, social organizations, and party and government agencies. Many of these museums were originally fast printing shops for many years. The customers and art galleries have become a gathering place for social high-end contacts. Everyone has applauded the enjoyment brought by digital technology and cultural creativity to people.

“Accounting” for the past few years should not be so low-key, and local leaders must make use of digital technology to provide advice and suggestions for local cultural construction. A lot of organizations are willing to go out and go out of space so that we can help them build such a good place. Many companies that engage in business planning, high-end albums, gifts, exhibitions, and space decoration businesses hope that ATU plans for advice. The company's creative design department often Overtime.

Excavate the cultural attributes of printing, make printing more cultural, and print to culture and art

"Printing has always been a culture," and I clearly remember that when Director Feng of the Cultural Industry Department of our province came to the Museum of Art to investigate and see the art treasures, he couldn't help but say a word.

With the establishment of the gallery space for the Museum of Art, Chinese ancient painting and calligraphy products are the protagonists in the museum's exhibits. It is a computer scan, digital photography, digital retouching, color management, physical imaging, ink jet technology, traditional printing paper, silk, cloth, and ancient The organic combination of framing, decoration, manual engraving, laser engraving, personalized packaging, and project design, etc., combined with multiple printing knowledge nodes and operating strategies, and the creation of a cultural scene further highlights its profound artistic appeal, so it can attract more The high-end person is not surprising.

Good print is the best visual presentation of culture and art. I think that relying on the clerk to take our “poetic artwork” to sweep the floor, which not only reduces the identities of the company, but also devalues our knowledge. So we should put the sample in the appropriate scene and explain it to the right people at the right time. So in order to be able to embody our technology's printed artwork, we chose to place it in the display cabinet of the art exhibition hall.

The cultural and creative derivative products embodied in digital technology in the museum can not only attract people's eyes and raise people's hearts, but also have functional value and close to the distance between culture and art and digital printing. They have a great deal of liquidity and attract many people. Modern artists, art institutions, travel agencies, companies, and associations negotiate cooperation.

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