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Custom Printing Martin's Customized Equipment Significantly Increases Label Printer Production Efficiency
- May 31, 2018 -

After using Martin MBSF ("F" for film) docking non-stop automatic unwinder, our company's production capacity of the narrow-width label flexo line has increased by 25% to 30%. I can say with certainty that I can Each printing machine newly purchased by the company will be equipped with a non-stop automatic unwinding machine of Martin Automatic Technology (hereinafter referred to as 'Martin'). “This is what Henri Köhler, general manager of the Desmedt Label Printing Company (hereinafter referred to as “Desmedt”), said: Desmedt was founded in Brussels in 1889 and is renowned for its high quality label and packaging printing, in addition to having EN In addition to the ISO 9001-2008 certification, it also fully complies with FSC regulations. At present, two MBSF docking non-stop automatic unwinding machines with multiple customized functions have been installed at the Bornem factory between Antwerp and Brussels.

Normally, the standard Martin does not stop the paper roll holder of the automatic unwinding machine at the end of the unwinding device, and continues to feed the printing press during the roll change process. Desmedt hopes that Martin's designers can improve it. In order to reduce the equipment footprint, the valuable production space is effectively utilized. In response, Martin's solution is to skillfully install the paper storage rack above the unwinding device, with the roller shaft at the waist height. "This solution shortens the length of the equipment, making the equipment footprint smaller; Scientific ergonomic design, making the equipment has better operating performance, the appropriate height design makes cleaning more convenient; Let the operator have a happy job The environment is an important part of our company's lean production, and these two Martin MBSF docking non-stop automatic unwinding machines are an important component of lean manufacturing,” added Henri Kohler.

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