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Cut In From Key Projects And Open The Door To The Market
Dec 06, 2018

Wang Guangjie, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Jielong Modern Printing Paper Co., Ltd.

Among the bill printing enterprises, there are many small enterprises, the product structure is relatively simple, and the technical level is low. Once the main business market is swaying, it will cause a fatal blow to the enterprise. The full implementation of the policy of reforming the camp has made bill printing companies feel embarrassed and helpless, and companies have to plan for transformation.

Bitter: the sale of the loss is rushing to do

Due to the special nature of the bill printing equipment, the printed products can only be related to the bills, which makes the bill printing enterprises often worry about the choice of the transformation direction. If you want to switch to commercial printing, packaging and printing, you must invest in new equipment, which will inevitably bring a transformational cost burden.

Express delivery orders, direct mail, labels and other fields are the transformation goals of major bill printing companies. Because the printing of express delivery orders is very similar to the printing of invoices, it is only necessary to carry out simple transformation of the original equipment to undertake this business, and due to the rise of online shopping, the demand for express delivery business has increased greatly, so many bill printing enterprises They have all turned their attention to this field. Although the delivery of the express delivery business solved the problem of surplus production caused by the sharp reduction of the main business of the company, it eased the impact of the reform and reform in a short period of time, but with more and more competitors entering the field, it would have been profitable. The express delivery business immediately became the Red Sea market.

A year ago, the price of each express delivery product was 0.16 yuan. Now the price has dropped to 0.13 yuan, and the paper cost has risen to 0.12 yuan! This means that in order to make a profit in the express delivery business, It is already a fantasy.

To make a loss, all the bill printing companies that undertake this kind of business are sighing. In order to be able to gain a foothold in this field, some bill printing companies must bear the hardship at all costs. The purpose of some of the printing companies is to PK off competitors, and then put the price up when they "master".

However, this approach is not feasible. In many cases, once the price has dropped, it is difficult to mention it again, and this practice has seriously undermined the market order. Therefore, the current market needs to be integrated, and some enterprises with low technology content, small scale and non-standardization should be eliminated. Some large-scale enterprises will strengthen their alliance through equity restructuring and enterprise integration in order not to engage in vicious competition.

We are now in a transitional period. Looking back at Taiwan, China 20 years ago, it is very similar to our current market structure, and it is also in the market integration period. But now Taiwan, whether it is packaging printing, bill printing or direct mail, there are three or five large-scale printing companies. There is competition between these printing companies, but it is not a malicious "price war". This is one. A kind of benign competition.

Change: a key project to invigorate the market

In terms of transformation and upgrading, our company has made various attempts: from traditional ticket printing, to direct mail, to express delivery, to label printing... constantly exploring and constantly summing up lessons. In recent years, our company has focused on invigorating the market through key projects.

On June 16th, Shanghai Disneyland officially opened. In the park, as long as the printing business related to the bills, 95% of them are done by our company. In order to better serve our customers, we have invested nearly 10 million yuan to purchase new equipment and use the flexo printing process that meets environmental protection requirements to print tickets. This is our market entry point for entering new areas for the following reasons.

First of all, the use of flexo printing process to print tickets, which is still a blue ocean in the country. At present, about 80% of domestic tickets are printed by offset printing. I believe that in the past few years, domestic ticket printing will be transferred to a more environmentally friendly flexo printing process. In order to enter this field, the initial investment is large, and if the printing enterprise does not have very large business needs, it will usually not make such a large investment.

Secondly, large customers like Disney have high requirements for print quality, service quality and safety, which invisibly eliminates some non-standard enterprises. At the same time, with this large customer, it will also enhance the influence of our company. There are many domestic attractions, and I believe this will bring us new opportunities.

Third, with this project, we can further extend the new product business, such as printing printed materials related to color printing and packaging in Disneyland (such as paper bags, catering packaging, etc.). Of course, this requires us to expand slowly, and it is also our efforts.

At present, the bill printing market is in the period of reshuffling. It is very important to seize the opportunity and find the entry point. Every enterprise should review the situation, transform according to the characteristics of the company, continuously explore new fields, and dare to explore new directions and seek suitableness. The road to transformation of your own business.

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