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Determining The Future Of The Industry Is Demand
Dec 07, 2018

If you look at the world statically and where you are, you may feel frustrated or contented because you see a "up and down sequence" on a plane coordinate system that is as solid as a pyramid. However, if you stretch the span of time and space and re-examine it in a dynamically evolving space-time dimension, you will be surprised to find that everything is like a pause in a long film that is ups and downs in the same story. A person who can gain insight into the development of the plot will not feel lost for the humbleness of a current character, nor will he envy a certain high-level character in the current plot. Because all of this is just the whole process of evolution, it is only the state at this point in time!

Wealth is a form of data and symbolic representation of social resources that can be dominated. Because social resources are organized in a changing way, wealth, like flowing water, converges at one point at a time and converges at another time. At another point. These points are the configuration and organization of the most advanced social resources in different periods. Therefore, the talents who understand resource allocation are the eternal kings, and the way resources are configured depends on the current time node and the way and system of the best use of resources in the current field.

We will always imagine the future according to our own cognition. Your range of cognition determines your ability to structure the future, and at the same time determines the level at which you can play a role. Any change is an organizational structure adjustment, and every change in organizational structure is constantly diluting the resources concentrated in the original structure. New leaders must focus resources in another dimension to maintain influence and control over the entire architecture. For enterprises, businesses, industries, institutions: the internal structure determines the external form - its rise and fall is determined by its internal structure; for individuals, its internal position and state are determined by the internal cognitive system.

All production will follow the demand. For example, when passengers do not bring change, taxi drivers who are reluctant to accept new things will learn to settle the phone. Any industry has ups and downs, but in the foreseeable future, the printing industry will not die. As far as books are concerned, in the past 10 years, China has added 400 million urban residents, and in the next 10 years, it will add another 350 million urban population. Throughout the rest of the world, when the social membership structure enters such a state, reading will become a habit in the social form, because the industrialized civil society is naturally specialized, and its members naturally have the pressure of self-learning. Although digital reading is becoming more and more popular, digital reading is more suitable for small pages. As a kind of consumer goods, paper books will increase with the personalized marketing method. People are not unwilling to read, and more books that don't know what content is worth reading.

All industries are built around people's needs. When more people exist in a more efficient way of social organization, the corresponding supporting facilities will not be reduced but will be strengthened. The new urban population means more, More complex needs. As long as there is a demand, it will be satisfied, and these needs will be met by the best application of the resources in the field and the business organization structure.

The way new industry needs are met is from the edge of what you are not familiar with, and most pessimists are always sorrowful in their well-known stocks. Looking at the development of any industry, we can clearly see that when the threshold of an application is lowered, it will be applied by more and more people - when people no longer need to submit articles to the magazine, they can freely Publishing content online, hundreds of millions of ordinary people will publish their own bits and pieces. If there is a new way to make the book very easy, there will be hundreds of millions of people who will publish their own content, photos taken, and even friends' praises and comments to the relatives and friends. Think about it, how big this market will be!

If a person's thinking can not only stay on the things he knows well, he can dynamically understand the evolution of the business and his position as a single point in the entire business value chain, and move forward in time. Look at it, you will find that there is no hole in the sky! All the scarcity is due to lack of cognition. When the industrial revolution was just beginning, the world's steam power was derived from coal. We have been worried about how many years of burning all the coal in the world. After a few years, we have raised our awareness of energy and started to refine and apply something called “oil”, which is more suitable than coal. Industrial energy needs. Oil has existed since ancient times, but at that time people's cognitive level was not enough to discover its value, and naturally did not know how to apply it. Therefore, at that time, countries will fight for the looting of coal resources, and turn a blind eye to the oil fields they own.

10 years ago, when I first arrived in Shenzhen, the business of Huaqiang North MP3 was very difficult to do. Everyone was branded and sold for more than 100 yuan. As long as they can earn 5 yuan, the price war will be won. It’s dark! Almost all practitioners say the industry is over. However, a company on the other side of the ocean that just came back to life just expanded MP3 storage, changed from 128M flash memory to 1G small hard disk, and designed a beautiful appearance and user-friendly operation, then named "iPod", sold It is still in short supply to 2,500 yuan.

I have heard a lot of discussions about digital printing and traditional printing. The equipment itself does not determine the future of the industry. It is the demand that determines the future of the industry. Others are just tools to meet the needs. The wind is at the end of Qingping. We always need to rely on cognition to win the future!

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