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Development Of Green Packaging Development Trend Of Electronic Packaging Green Packaging For Folding Box Printing Factory
- May 09, 2018 -

With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the concept of green has been used more and more frequently. The use of environmentally friendly consumer products has become more and more a conscious behavior of people. Modern environmental protection is closely linked. The color box printing factory advocates green packaging. A trend.

      The primary job of promoting green packaging is green packaging design. It directly affects the packaging method, the choice of packaging materials, the use of packaging waste, and the amount of disposal. The green packaging design is the best place to find under the premise of ensuring the function of the product, and strives to make the product packaging designed and used more reasonable. In the original intention of product packaging design, we should ensure that the use of materials in the packaging design while reducing, as far as possible to eliminate unnecessary decoration and excess packaging. We should simplify packaging to save resources, maximize the conservation of natural resources, reduce the amount of waste generated, and reduce environmental pollution.

1, vigorously develop paper product packaging

      The color box printing factory has many kinds of paper packaging and is easy to recycle. It can undertake all kinds of packaging tasks. Cardboard boxes, paper bags, paper buckets and pulp molded products have become an important part of the modern packaging industry. It is the most important packaging material in the future. It is the most important packaging material in the future. Paper and paper products have a wide range of raw materials, prices are good, uniform, easy to print and paste, non-toxic and odorless, packaging hygiene, automatic packaging and packaging shape is not easy to change, easy to recycle and reuse. Become perishable after becoming rubbish. It is beneficial to the improvement of the soil. In the United States, Japan and Western Europe and other countries and regions, a large number of paper products are used to replace plastic and film packaging.

2, renewable and recyclable packaging materials

      Recyclable packaging materials refer to natural bio-packaging materials. Such as wood, bamboo fabrics, sawdust, hemp, cotton, willow, reed, straw, wheat straw, etc. are all easy to decompose in the natural environment, do not pollute the ecological environment and resources are renewable, low cost. This is a good green packaging material. With the development of production technology, the technology of raw materials has formed a distinctive high-quality green packaging and national packaging style. For example, in China, a basket of wicker or bamboo strips is used to make a wine bottle packaging and gift box to reduce the impact on the natural environment and effectively promote consumption. Buying can also increase the added value of goods and establish a brand image. Recycling and ensuring the recycling of waste can not only reduce the environmental pollution, save a lot of wood, and reduce the destruction and misuse of forest resources, but it has considerable economic benefits.

3, degradable packaging materials

      This is a new material that degrades without degradation, does not pollute the environment, oxidizes and hydrolyzes organisms under natural conditions. Therefore, it is recognized as the most promising new green packaging material. At present, starch, protein, plant fibers, and other natural substances used as pharmaceutical capsules, daily products, and the like are used as raw materials. Snack boxes have been converted to soluble substances in many places and have been used to degrade plastics through photosynthesis or biological action.

It is widely used in the field of food and medicine packaging, agricultural film and so on.

4, simplify packaging materials and disassembling

      The packaging materials used should be as simple as possible and not mixed with different materials for recycling. If the packaging of the composite material structure is required to be designed as a detachable structure, the packaging should be designed as a detachable structure that is conducive to recycling after disassembly. If the performance of the material is improved, the strength of the bottled container is enhanced, the weight of the thin wall is reduced, and the modified material is developed through the development of the material process to further reduce the weight of the plastic package.

     The continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness, the green packaging of goods fully embodies the strategic thinking of coordination and sustainable development of environmental protection and economic development, and the protection of the environment. The development of the green packaging of color box printing plants is an irreversible development trend. A complex system engineering, green packaging materials and effective recycling are a very important part. Only by making the development and application of packaging materials develop simultaneously, can we really realize the green cycle. Take action and let Green Pack bring us a beautiful, pollution-free green world.

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