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Development Of Packaged Food Market New Development Trend Of Packaged Food Market In Folding Box Printing Factory
- May 12, 2018 -

The increase in urbanization and income has prompted the continuous growth of the packaged food market for color box printing plants in mainland China. For the more discerning needs of packaging design, design packages with a sense of refinement are more likely to attract consumers. More people tend to have innovative and innovative packaging, and online and offline sales channels are more diverse.

      In recent years, as the income of residents increases, consumers in mainland China are changing consumer behavior in recent years. They are slowly shifting from low-priced foods to branded foods and are willing to try different styles and tastes. In addition, today's consumers are paying more and more attention to the novelty of packaging. Chinese consumers are turning to what they want to buy better looking at more innovative ideas and more elaborate packaging products. They like to try different styles according to their preferences.

      In addition, some residents stated that they have purchased packaged food products from online print shops, which means that online shopping in China has become more mature. This trend is due to the substantial increase in logistics speed in China, many of which can ensure that orders are purchased on the same day and reach the speed of the door on the same day. Even so, supermarkets are still the most important way to buy packaged foods.

      With the decline in the prices of organic foods, Chinese consumers are increasingly interested in such products. Although the main selling point of organic foods is not the use of pesticides and fertilizers during the planting process, the most attractive selling point for Chinese consumers is not limited to safety but to health.

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