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Development Trend Of Equipment In Printing Talking About The Development Trend Of Equipment In The Label Printing Industry
May 28, 2018

The 2017 China International Label Technology Printing Exhibition was held in Guangzhou from March 1st to March 3rd. This is one of the professional exhibitions in the domestic label industry. It not only showcased the most advanced digital printing and combination printing technologies in the world, but also brought together Grounding gas is suitable for domestic actual situation of letterpress printing technology, booming flexo printing and offset printing technology, as well as the latest international plate making technology and special printing technology. In addition to hardware, there is also an ERP management system specially designed for the label printing industry. And other software. Therefore, the three-day exhibition left a deep impression on me and reflected the development direction of the Chinese label industry to some extent. In the following, I will talk specifically about my experience and experience of prepress and postpress equipment and technology at the scene.

Digital printing is an important development direction

Label digital printing is one of the most important trends in the label printing industry in the future, especially inkjet printing technology. At the exhibition, Epson displayed the SurePress L-6034VW digital label printer; Founder displayed the Founder Eagle K300S high-speed variable data printing system; Guangzhou Haotian exhibited a four-color and a five-color UV inkjet digital printing. Machines, the first in the country to launch a digital printing-based label printing equipment; solar machinery also installed a set of inkjet devices on its flexographic printing press, on-site synchronous printing of variable information QR code, has achieved very good results; Hewlett-Packard Co. Although there were no booths, they held seminars during the exhibition to lead potential customers to visit the local HP Indigo user companies in Guangzhou. The influence was considerable.

Flexo printing will develop rapidly

Flexo printing is also one of the development directions of the label printing industry in the future. The flexographic printing presses on display at this exhibition are mainly made by domestic equipment. Many well-known foreign flexographic equipment suppliers do not bring their own equipment to participate in the exhibition. On the use of pictures to promote, such as Mai Andy, Omit and so on. The live demonstration of Sun Machinery and Weigang Flexo Printing Machine is the most eye-catching place, from equipment configuration, function to printing speed, and label printing quality are not behind the imported similar equipment. Sun Microsystems' flexographic printing machine also demonstrated the on-site cold-hot and on-line ink-jet technology. The printing quality from color to overlay accuracy has reached a very high level, and is consistently recognized by visitors.

Printing equipment manufacturers such as Bangsin Inkjet, Guangdong Duoweilong, Shanghai Yidi, Weifang Eastern Airlines and other flexographic equipment suppliers also participated in the exhibition. Their equipments have their own characteristics and have good sales performance.

PS Offset Becomes Biggest Competitor

Intermittent PS version web offset printing is the fastest growing printing method in recent years and is the largest competitor to gradually replace letterpress printing. The equipment demonstrated at the exhibition with Wei Gang as the leader led to many visitors. The exhibitors of the intermittent PS rotary presses in this exhibition include Zhejiang Zhongte, Guangzhou Neben, and Tangshan Wanjie. Among them, Tangshan Wanjie has the deepest impression. The equipment is fully equipped and the customers are served in the form of printing co-motivators. The on-line functions include round-hot round hot blanching (which can be converted to cold lapping), round-press round embossing and embossing, and round pressure wire mesh Printing and round press die cutting, label printing can be completed in one step, the whole machine requires only one person to operate. President Hu of Tangshan Wanjie told us that almost half of their equipment is exported to Europe, mainly for printing wine labels. Since Tangshan Wanjie's equipment is in line with the printing methods of advanced foreign countries and is welcomed by customers, it has sold dozens of units abroad, and the production and sales situation is excellent. This is one of the successful examples of the internationalization of Chinese equipment manufacturing companies. Its experience is worth learning from.

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