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Die-cutting Hot Stamping Shenzhen Printing Die-cutting Hot Stamping Breakthrough Innovation
Apr 27, 2018

Shenzhen Printing Die-cutting Hot Stamping Breakthrough Innovation

       In recent years, as the competition in the packaging and printing market has become increasingly brutal, and customers have continuously increased their requirements in terms of cost, quality, and efficiency, packaging and printing companies are increasingly aware of the importance of the post-press process, especially in the area of die-cutting and hot stamping. Competitiveness is crucial, and innovation is the main theme of its development.

       Cheung Lee Shenzhen printing professional die-cutting equipment: 1050 automatic die-cutting machine 2, 1450 automatic die-cutting machine, manual die-cutting machine 8. Professional sticky box equipment: 2 sets of automatic folder gluer and 2 sets of semi-automatic folder gluer; highly automated equipment and a rich combination of industry experience and team provide guarantee for product quality.

       The rapid development of the packaging and printing market puts forward the dual requirements of “quality” and “quantity” for die-cutting and hot stamping equipment. Under this demand, the supplier of die-cutting and stamping equipment has rapidly grown and matured, and continues to innovate. Die-cutting stamping equipment has gone through a manual to automatic, single-function to multi-functional process from backward to leading, and is now continuing to develop rapidly in the direction of automation, intelligence and digitization.

      So we saw that with the joint efforts of die-cutting and stamping equipment suppliers and packaging and printing companies, die-cutting and hot-stamping technology is blazing new trails of innovation! Here, let us work together to experience the innovation of die-cutting and hot stamping in Shenzhen. Charm!


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