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Difficulties Faced By Film And Cardboard Gravure Processes
Jan 11, 2019

The mature gravure process is the first to introduce a solvent ink solution, but the use of solvent inks faces unavoidable pressures in terms of environmental protection and cost, mainly due to the large amount of organic solvent emissions. A case of solvent-based ink film gravure is illustrated: a film gravure printing machine with a printing speed of 300 m/min, a door width of 1 m, and a daily operation of 20 hours. The daily output is 360,000 square meters, which requires the consumption of ink. 2.52 tons (calculated according to the average ink consumption of 7g/m2 wet ink). According to the ratio of ink to organic solvent 1:1.5, it is necessary to consume 3.78 tons of solvent; the solid content of gravure ink is calculated as 30%, the solvent in the ink is 1.76 tons. In this way, the solvent consumption of one gravure press for one day is 5.5 tons. This 5.5 tons of organic solvent is released into the air, causing air pollution and haze. Haze has caused the entire society to be alert to the discharge of organic solvents. It is reported that Beijing has included the packaging and printing industry in the area of air pollution prevention and control.

Of course, organic solvents can also be recycled online. At present, many gravure printing companies have already done it, but they are faced with the inconsistency between the cost and the benefit of mixed solvent recycling. The recovered mixed solvent can only be sold to the rectification plant for rectification, and then bought back, one by one, and the loss is still gravure. In addition, although gravure printing is also advocated for the ink printing process, it is difficult to solve the two problems of the wire and the slow drying speed, so the gravure ink process has rarely been successful.

Imagine if the Chinese government adopts an environmental protection policy similar to North America and penalizes organic solvent emissions, how will gravure be dealt with? I think the answer should be high quality film and cardboard flexo.

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