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Digital Label Leading New Standard Epson Digital Label Experience Center Opened In Guangzhou
May 31, 2018

As people's consumer demand is increasingly differentiated, diversified, and personalized, the demand for small batches and personalization in the label printing market is also growing stronger, which brings new challenges to traditional label printing companies. Digital label printing technology has the advantage of high speed, high quality and individuality to meet the needs of the current market, and has attracted the attention of industry users. Epson has always insisted on innovation, improved digital printing technology, strengthened the development of intelligent, diversified, and humanized products and solutions, and continuously improved the user experience.

On November 23, 2017, the Epson Digital Label Experience Center jointly established by Epson (China) Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Hongyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly opened in Guangzhou and officially released the new Epson SurePress L-4533AW digital label printer. Epson (China) Co., Ltd. professional printing market director Mr. Uchida Uchida, Epson (China) Co., Ltd. Market Support Minister Ms. Yuan Xue, Epson (China) Co., Ltd. professional printing department manager Liang Jian visited this event. First of all, Mr. Keiji Uchida gave speeches for the event and sincerely welcomes the arrival of guests.

Subsequently, Liang Jian Manager shared Epson's history and contribution in digital printing. Epson has always been based on the "challenge and innovation" concept, adhering to the "technology + localization" strategy, based on the Chinese market, to provide users with innovative and efficient products and solutions. Next, Epson (China) senior Mr. Uchida Kenchi, Ms. Yuan Xue, Mr. Liang Jian and Mr. Zhao Jinhao, general manager of Guangzhou Hongyun jointly released the new Epson SurePress L-4533AW digital label printer, officially unveiled the new veil.

It is understood that the Epson SurePress L-4533AW digital label printer is equipped with Epson Micro Piezo print heads, which can provide higher quality and more accurate color reproduction of label printing; using the exclusive developed SurePress AQ seven-color water based pigment ink, in the traditional label Excellent adhesion and scratch resistance on printed materials (paper and plastic). The added orange and green inks provide a wider color gamut to ensure the accuracy of the special color reproduction required by the customer; the new white ink provides the flexibility to preprint or postprint white on clear films and metallic media , to meet the customer's printing needs for special media. In addition, the Epson SurePress L-4533AW does not require chemical potting and platemaking before printing, and it does not need to pay attention to alignment during printing, plus the advantages of humanized touch panel interface, automated color management, and other advantages. Edition work is more efficient. In addition, the equipment is very stable and maintenance is more time-saving. This faster and more efficient labeling workflow, coupled with lower equipment investment, will enable the label printing plant's short board business to generate greater profits and benefits.

On the day of the event, the Epson Digital Label Experience Center also announced its official opening. The Epson Digital Label Experience Center showcased the fast and efficient workflow of digital label printing to provide users with better and more intimate product experience. Here, users can see the entire process from pre-press to print output to post-press processing from zero distance, and enhance understanding of products and solutions. At present, Epson is gradually deploying program experience centers throughout the country to continuously improve its business network and service model, aiming to respond to user needs for the first time. The Epson Digital Label Experience Center is not only an important part of Epson's "technology + localization" market strategy, but also an important measure to optimize the local user experience in Guangzhou.

As a leader in the printing industry, Epson will continue to plough users' needs and continue to develop printing equipment that integrates high efficiency, professionalism, and convenience. This will help the digital printing industry and provide customers with more complete solutions for the printing industry.

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