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Digital Printing 2017 Digital Printing Product Editor's Choice Award
May 31, 2018

Market Recognition Award

HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press

Market Performance: The HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press Series is currently the best selling digital press for label and packaging digital printing solutions. To date, more than 550 WS6000 series presses have been installed in the world. This machine is a cost-effective, high-quality, high-speed printing solution for high-volume label and packaging production.

Expert Comments: This printer is suitable for the printing of various adhesive labels. Compared with traditional printing, the production break-even point is high, the production speed is 30 meters per minute, and up to 7 color groups are supported. The color gamut is covered up to 97% Pantone® color is an ideal tool for label packaging and printing service providers.

Fuji Xerox VersantTM 3100 Press

Market Performance: The VersantTM 3100 Press has won consistent market reviews for its productivity and practicality, outstanding image quality, and more options for finishing after printing. The powerful server hardware and software platform also brings higher efficiency and more maneuverability to VersantTM 3100 Press, giving full play to its high performance and rich color performance.

Expert Comments: The equipment has high-quality thin paper printing technology, and at the same time get Fogra, IDEAlliance color certification, access to many customers of all ages.

Konica Minolta AccuJet KM-1

Market performance: The company has the largest web in its current class, adopts new UV inks, high-performance inkjet print heads and system processing technologies. The adoption of these patented technologies enables this digital printing device to have "high image quality." Flexibility, "stability" and "high productivity".

Expert Comments: The device is the first large-format inkjet device for general commercial printing. The UV inkjet system is suitable for more printing media, or can open a new printing service.

Ricoh Pro C9110

Market performance: RICOH Pro C9110 has achieved good response and extensive recognition on the market since its excellent printing quality, higher production efficiency, and shorter delivery cycle, and its installed capacity has grown by leaps and bounds.

Expert Comments: RICOH Pro C9110 can be integrated into the traditional printing of a mixed workflow, to make up for the lack of traditional printing. The product has high image output quality, diversified media processing capabilities and high productivity, and is more efficient in handling large volumes of business.

EPSON SureColor S80680

Market performance: Epson SureColor S80680 has been listed in the past two years and has brought new opportunities to the high-end advertising industry. It re-established the concept of high-end advertising industry's output, with its combination of 9 colors + silver / white ink, regardless of product quality, production and The use of the environment, cost analysis, and ROI calculations all subverted the previous concept of high-end advertising production and management, and brought users low-cost, high-profit business opportunities.

Expert Comments: Epson SureColor S80680 professional micro-jet photo machine set of high quality, high security, high stability in one, is a high-end advertising service provider's production tool.

Canon Océ VarioPrint 6000 Titan Series

Market Performance: This machine is the fastest black-and-white digital printing system in the same class on the market, with its accurate front and back register, near-offset print quality, low ozone emission, low energy consumption, environmental protection design, and multiple platforms. The centralized management controller integrates efficiently and occupies the top spot in the black and white toner digital printing market for sheetfed paper.

Expert Comment: Océ's Gemini technology can complete double-sided printing tasks at high speed and has been praised in the market since its launch. The equipment has high stability.

Screen Truepress Jet 520HD Rotary Full Color Inkjet Variable Printing System

Market performance: The Truepress Jet 520 series entered the domestic market for more than two years, and its installation volume has grown rapidly. The China National Tec Group has successively purchased 5 sets of 10 devices.

Expert Comments: Screen's unique screening technology and new multi-level gray-scale nozzle technology organic combination, the production speed of up to 60 meters / minute, at the same time the output tone level delicate, fine text printing effect is clear, strong productivity, stable operation, help Book printing companies win business opportunities.

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