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Digital Printing On The Internet: Rainfall
May 30, 2018

November 11 is an ordinary day in China. In 2009, Tmall used this day to market online shopping, which had a turnover of 936 million yuan. In the second year, it was 5.2 billion yuan. By 2012, it created a myth of 19.1 billion yuan in turnover... An online shopping company completed a 24-hour period in which 99% of the company's companies were unable to do business for almost a year. From then on, everyone had a deep impression on the theory that the Internet has affected all walks of life.

The news of Double Eleven made all walks of life facing anxiety in the future turn its attention to the “Internet,” and Keyin Media keenly grasped the pulse of the industry and hosted the first annual conference on printed e-commerce in 2013. The domestic printing industry has opened up the power of Internet printing imagination and experimentation.

Open orders new portal still need printed electricity supplier and Indian companies a little bit more run-in

There have been 300 to 400 printed e-commerce companies in China. In a few years, these e-commerce companies tried various methods (such as web push, push, etc.) to try to find new orders in the cloud. Finally, they found that the printing orders in the cloud seemed to be trapped. In the Taobao ecosystem, however, the total output value of Taobao is insignificant compared with the national total printing output. The portal on the cloud is not so good that the printing e-commerce company has thought of hundreds of thousands of domestic fast printing shops. Printing companies can use the Internet to collaborate with fast printing shops in different regions. They provide printed e-commerce products to increase the fast printing shop's own product line, and e-commerce companies also have new portals to win new orders. Enterprise management textbooks say this is a "win-win."

Opening new orders is the key for printers to think about how to use the Internet. At first, some fast print shops and printing e-commerce companies did not cooperate smoothly, resulting in the hesitation and vigilance of fast print shop peers to print e-commerce companies. At several digital printing conferences, many quick printing shops questioned the coming investment. The intention of the printing electricity supplier.

Print e-commerce needs offline portals, and mutual cooperation can create the future of the Internet. Unfortunately, cooperation is not easy. Perhaps the lack of persuasion by the printing e-commerce companies may be that the quick-printing shops are wary of the cooperation of the printing e-commerce companies – they are afraid that customers will be intercepted by e-commerce. Unfortunately, due to the unfriendly atmosphere of each other, only a handful of fast printing shops are willing to become offline portals for e-commerce.

With the cooperation of Digital Print (Quick Print Chain Store) and Can Printing Platform, the quotation function of the platform solves the problem that the printing staff will not quote the printed materials, thus increasing the printed materials that were not available in the fast printing shops. As a result, the turnover of the company’s sales increased by 30%. Their cooperation proves the value of using the Internet to collaborate. Quickprint stores can provide last-mile printing services to help printers sell, while heavy-asset printers can provide print services for more offline portals.

It can be imagined that the Internet has changed what the printing industry can achieve not just a win-win situation but a new win-win situation.

Fast Printing Shop Alliance is a strong trend in the future

In the future of internet printing, fast printing shops are bound to occupy an important position. Domestic printers have explored for several years whether they use the Internet to expand their customers or share their own production capacity or service. Most of them have not yet found a profit model for Internet printing. The reason is simple. New orders are not Will automatically come in from the Internet, printing e-commerce had no choice but to take the initiative to find customers, and e-commerce can not find around the country to find children, hundreds of thousands of fast printing shops across the country are doing printing business every day, it is precisely Any internet-enabled printing factory portal.

As a result, the industry recognized the nature of Internet printing, not just e-commerce, fast printing shop also aware of the future. Since 2015, many training courses and conferences related to the printing industry have been held in various parts of the country and are increasing in size.

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