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Digital Printing Technology Equipment China's Color Box Printing Plant Digital Printing Technology Equipment Development Trend
May 03, 2018

With the development and application of digital printing technology, in today's era of ubiquitous marketing, the packaging industry for advertising and color box printing has more and higher requirements for post-press processing, and the main way to meet this demand is to It is the finishing of the printed matter, which improves the grade of the printed product through the decoration and decoration.

Many traditional post-printing processes and equipment are also difficult to meet with digital prints for post-processing and further packaging, especially in the face of low-volume on-demand printing business, and the linkage, styling, finishing, framing, beautification, and packaging of semi-finished digital print products. And the overall or surface protective treatment has been the more common post-press processing in practical applications.

Facing the demand of the post-press processing market, the enthusiasm of post-press processing equipment suppliers for technological innovation and equipment improvement is also rising. Compared with traditional drama, high-speed, and complex post-press equipment, at present, the post-press processing equipment that is compatible with digital post-press equipment and digital-oriented printing is also being used for digital networking, control automation, functional integration, and configuration diversity. Adjusted to meet the needs of digital printing on-demand, personalized, and flexible post-press processing. Compared with large-scale post-press equipment, the small-office post-press equipment introduced by Jintu is suitable for small-scale postpress equipment for digital printing services. Meet the digital printing characteristics and on-demand printing requirements, to improve the flexibility of post-press processing, gold-finishing binding equipment, can achieve a variety of specifications, size, binding style real on-demand binding, by the graphic store, digital Fast printing center, copy room, photo agency and other business enterprises.

Due to the special nature of post-press processing, safety is a problem that post-press equipment manufacturers must consider. At present, most domestic post-press equipment manufacturers are able to design and manufacture in accordance with the requirements of the European safety standard ce. However, the existing contradiction is that the equipment manufacturer's protective measures for designing products according to the requirements of ce bring inconvenience to operators in the country. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the safety of users of postpress equipment, it can not only meet the world safety standards, but also improve the operability of postpress equipment. The concept of humanization and industrial design should be gradually established. There is also the environmental performance of the equipment, reducing the product's noise, energy consumption, and the product's life cycle design are all directions for future efforts.

With respect to the post-printing surface treatment of post-press processing, the post-print surface modification requires high production efficiency, good print adaptability, and fast drying speed; market development and demand often determine the viability of existing products. With the constant changes in the market environment and development trends, new product demands will emerge.

When existing products cannot meet this demand, it will directly affect its life cycle and create opportunities for the development of new products. In response to this market demand, equipment manufacturers have launched a fully automatic film coating equipment and provided The adaptable mid-to-high end product portfolio will eventually realize the miniaturization, multi-functionality, digitization, and automation of office post-press equipment. It will solve the problem of slow post-print surface treatment, low efficiency, high cost-to-failure rate, and high product variability.

Looking at the post-press processing and post-printing surface treatment equipment at home and abroad, the drive and heating system of the machine is the main energy-consuming point, in which the heat-consumption (drying) system has a higher proportion of energy consumption, especially the hot-pressing and heating of the film. Drying is mostly electric heating. In the past, heating of many devices was performed using ordinary electric heating tubes (wires), which resulted in high energy consumption and high costs. Saving energy and reducing costs are the company's goal from beginning to end.

At present, there are some environmentally-friendly and energy-saving equipments in domestic and foreign color box printers that have adopted advanced heating and conduction methods, such as chemical thermal fluids, infrared heaters, UV heaters, etc., and the rapid promotion of UV-curable coatings and inks. Applications have replaced the trend of development of coated and infrared heat-cured coatings.


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